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July 20, 2007

Carin Koch


Q. What do you think the difference was today? What was the turning point?
CARIN KOCH: I'm not sure. I guess putting again. You know, I made some good putts and she had a couple 3-putts I think that -- in bad timing where it was tough to get back. She probably felt like she gave me a couple of holes and we were kind of even and she would 3-putt.

Q. Was there a putt or bombs you sank or anything like that, or just a lot of 10-footers?
CARIN KOCH: Yeah, just consistent. The ones I missed lipped out or were close to going in, or made a couple for par when I had to not let her back in the game.

Q. Do you jump out early; was there a point?
CARIN KOCH: We were even for a while.

Q. She hit a bad shot on the third hole --
CARIN KOCH: Yeah, and she 3-putted the next. So a couple up after three, four holes and inevitably she got it back to 1-up and never really got back in it from there.

Q. So the putter is really working for you right now?

Q. Had that been working for you; are you kind of coming in on a roll with the putter?
CARIN KOCH: It feels like it. You know, I've struggled in my long game for a while. I haven't been that stellar, but if you can get it up-and-down, if you're out in the boonies and get it back if play and get it up-and-down, that's almost worse in match-play strategy for the other player because they kind of count (you out) 'oh, she's,' you know. And then you get it back in there.
So both days I've made some putts when the timing was good, when you don't want to let them back in the match. But these greens are so beautiful, it's fun to roll the ball on them.

Q. No adventures in concession stands today?
CARIN KOCH: No. No. Just a couple of, what do you call them, bladed pitch shots on this hole here, 15. Interesting pin placement there.

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