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July 19, 2007

Brittany Lincicome


Q. Brittany, did the thing on 14 sort of spoil your day kind of thing, she hits in the concession stand?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah, you know, the first nine holes we were making birdies to win holes. We had a great match going. And then I 3-putted the par 3, which was 13 or 12 or somewhere up in there and it just kind of never got it back and I hit a bad tee shot on the next hole and just couldn't recover.
You know, I didn't expect it but I knew being defending champion it was not going to be easy. So that was just a lot of pressure, everyone saying, oh, you're going to do it again, you're going to do it again.
It was fun to get it out of the way and it was a learning experience and I'm happy that I played decent. I didn't just give it to her completely.
She knows match play, she was making 5-footers to save pars, 20-footers like they were nothing, she just had a great day. You can't take anything away from her. Hopefully she goes onto win so at least I can say I got beat by the winner.

Q. When she's playing first out of the fairway, does that putt pressure on you when she's hitting greens?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: No. I mean, obviously I should have a short iron into the green, especially how far back she was. She was hitting a lot of long irons into the green. I definitely had an advantage. If she was knocking it close, I should have been able to knock it closer. That wasn't really a concern.

Q. It's a very different course from last year; did it neutralize any of your length at all?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: Not too bad. It definitely wasn't a birdie-fest -- I don't like making a million birdies a round, so I mean, it's a great golf course. The golf course is in great shape. Fairways are a little bit different in the respect that they are really sandy. I had about a 100-yard shot and tried to hit a gap wedge on one of them can chunked it like 50 yards short of the green. That was a little bit different and fortunately I didn't get a practice shot on Monday.

Q. Now what do you do?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: I'm going to go watch my buddy, Katherine Hull, and see if she can beat Annika. She's 1-down right now.

Q. I assume your travel plans to Europe were set up ahead of time?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah, probably just stay here, go to the Yankees game on Friday.

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