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July 19, 2007

Carin Koch


Q. Kind of summarize your round.
CARIN KOCH: Yeah, just started -- we both started playing good. We both started out playing really good the first few holes and kept winning holes with birdies. And I made some good putts. I made some good putts all day, and at the end I think we were both struggling a little bit off the tee, and I managed to get it up-and-down a few times and make some really clutch putts. That's what made the difference.

Q. The course being different from last year, did that neutralize it at all any way?
CARIN KOCH: It's a narrower golf course maybe, but it's still playing pretty long. You've still got to hit the fairway and you've still got to make the putts. In match play that's just -- and sometimes, you know, if you're the shorter hitter and you get to hit first all the time, if my ball is already on the green, you know, it's a little different. So it's not always just a bad thing.

Q. Have you ever made par from a concession stand before?
CARIN KOCH: No. I've never been in a concession stand. That's why we had trouble with the ruling because I didn't understand that it was a little different when you were in the tent rather than you were next to it. I hope I'm never there again.

Q. That must have been a momentum swing there, even though you were up.
CARIN KOCH: It definitely was. You're 3-up, you hit a bad shot like that and you're thinking, here we go. And just a tie, I would have been happy and she misses that short putt and I end up winning the hole. You almost think you can give her the hole after the drive.
But my caddie is a good job. I'm just like, get it on the fairway, make a par and I'm like, oh, that's right, I really can make a par here. So that was good. She just gave me an extra little shot there I guess.

Q. Do you think your Solheim Cup experience is any factor in an event like this?
CARIN KOCH: Yeah, I think it's good to have a lot of match play experience because you know how the thinking process is and you know never to give up. It still comes down to making the putts at the end. I did that today. I made a lot of good putts today in the beginning and at the end. It's hard to play against someone who is making putts in match play, because you think you have the hole and then they make a putt, and that's what it comes down to.

Q. Did you play here a lot when they had the regular stroke-play tournament here?
CARIN KOCH: I did. I actually finished second here my rookie year and I played here a few times.

Q. Do you like the course?
CARIN KOCH: Yeah, I like the old, traditional, tree-lined courses. Those are my favorites.

Q. What about the changes they have made, do you see any difference?
CARIN KOCH: You know, I didn't mind it when it was a little shorter and narrower with my game, but you know, I think that the less trees kind of give it a more open feel. I like it both ways. But it's always been a great course, it's always been in great condition, the greens are rolling fantastic and that's what makes a good course.

Q. The last hole, how much did you want to get it over right then?
CARIN KOCH: Well, it was right there by the clubhouse so I figured it would be nice not to go the other way again. Again you have to count on either making a putt or 2-putting -- you know, I just really wanted to make that putt and I did.

Q. Did you hit driver --
CARIN KOCH: I hit 3-wood actually.

Q. How did it end up back there?
CARIN KOCH: I missed it in the rough. Kind of a little makeup after the last one I guess. I've been struggling with my driver for a couple years, or a year and a half, and that kind of shows today, too. So if I can just start hitting my driver straight, with putting like this, it can get pretty good. So it's back to the range I guess.

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