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July 14, 2007

Nadia Petrova

Shamil Tarpischev


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Did you say something to Nadia between the first and second sets that turned her mood around?
CAPTAIN TARPISCHEV: (Through translation.) The first set was not Nadia's. There was a lot of unforced winners (sic) on Venus' side. We didn't hope for the first.
The second was much more successful. She served much better. We really started having hope. The third set, both Williams and Petrova got tired. In this situation, it's not only the technique but the moral qualities and power that count. Here, Williams was better.

Q. Do you think Nadia did some unforgivable flaws when she was leading and then started hitting the ball out?
CAPTAIN TARPISCHEV: (Through translation.) Generally it is very hard to play against Venus because she hits the ball so hard, spins the ball so hard. To really make over her, one should possess this spiritual power, which I think Williams is very famous for and that's why she won. She's better in this dimension.

Q. Because it's U.S.-Russia, is there any sort of Rocky-esque sense that the stakes are higher?
CAPTAIN TARPISCHEV: (Through translation.) Well, I wouldn't say there's something special because to me it is the match No. 100, considering all the matches I played in Davis Cup and Fed Cup.
From one point of view it is really hard for me because I didn't have much time as a coach and as a captain. I didn't even see Kuznetsova playing. I came. I didn't have time to attend to the team. That was the difficulty.
It's hard for me to give advices because I didn't have time enough to feel what shape the players are in and in what condition they are.
THE MODERATOR: Questions for Nadia.

Q. What did it do for your confidence to bagel the Wimbledon champion in the second set?
NADIA PETROVA: Probably my big disappointment losing the first set when I had a 6-3 lead in the tiebreaker. I thought, I give you the first set, but I don't give you any mercy in the second set (laughter).

Q. You have a lot of experience in international team play, Fed Cup, Hopman Cup. How do you deal with very partisan crowds you run into, today in sick?
NADIA PETROVA: You know what, I really didn't pay attention. It's not the first time playing in a big stadium in front of a big crowd, cheering some other players.
I just learned through all those years that I've been on tour to really not let it in my head and just, you know, try to perform and try to focus on every ball.
When you get into that zone, whatever happens around doesn't really matter.

Q. What is it about playing Venus Williams that is so difficult for you?
NADIA PETROVA: Well, she's completely different player compared to all the rest. She's very powerful. She's moving great. It's really hard to beat her on any surface. You really have to play the best tennis. Of course, you know, she has so much more experience winning the Grand Slams.
Yeah, at the most important moments, she can step up, raise the level of the game. The other opponent maybe would start to worry about some things, you know, have some thoughts in the head. That doesn't help.

Q. Did you feel you were close to breaking through and beating her today? At what point in the match did you feel it was yours?
NADIA PETROVA: Well, I did felt in the tiebreaker that I had to take it. You know, I had all the chances. But she was just a little bit better today. I think the fatigue from traveling did cost me that match today.

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