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July 14, 2007

Gregory Havret


GORDON SIMPSON: You're in a wonderful position to challenge for the title for the second time in three years, and maybe a different outcome this time from, what year was it, 2004?
GRÉGORY HAVRET: Yeah, when Thomas won. Well, I feel good. I have to say that, yes, this will be on my mind tonight and tomorrow. It's been a nice experience leading after three rounds. I'm disappointed the last time, 2- or 3-over in the last round, finished 10th, but I am another man I hope. It's been three years in between, so I'm happy to feel good again and to be in contention.
GORDON SIMPSON: Clearly it's going to be an interesting experience with playing with the highest-ranked player in the field as well. It's something you relish, is it?
GRÉGORY HAVRET: Of course. We are all here for that. This is going to be a very interesting day playing with Phil Mickelson. I've never had the opportunity to play with him.
GORDON SIMPSON: You've never played with him?
GRÉGORY HAVRET: No, never. We play -- we see our families but we play others a lot more than him on The European Tour. Yeah, I'm looking forward, it's going to be a nice day, a nice experience and I will try to take it in a little bit.

Q. Will it be nice to put what happened with Thomas behind you?
GRÉGORY HAVRET: I was very disappointed because, of course, when you are leading a tournament as big as Loch Lomond tournament, you like so much because I really love this tournament, it's just an awesome place, an awesome week for us. For me, really everything is good. I really enjoy to be around here. That's why I want so much to do well, also, probably.
Three years ago, yes, it was possible three years ago. Well, we'll see tomorrow. Past is past and yeah, you cannot do anything about it.

Q. Any consolation that a Frenchman won?
GRÉGORY HAVRET: Yeah, Thomas is a great fellow, a very nice guy. To see him playing that well and then after going to the Open and playing that well, also, it's fantastic. Of course I would have preferred to be over there but yeah, to see a Frenchman doing well is always enjoyable.
GORDON SIMPSON: You're wearing the same colour of shirt as he did that day. You're a day too early!
GRÉGORY HAVRET: I remember that.
GORDON SIMPSON: But he clearly loved the feeling of winning in Scotland in the home of golf. Does that have the same appeal to you?
GRÉGORY HAVRET: Yeah, absolutely. That means a lot. That means a lot to win in this country, and for the French, of course, I have to say that clearly a few tournaments are very historic where you really want to do well, because it's not like a tournament that you feel in three years you're not anymore here. Here it is just perfect. You know the field is going to be good. You know the crowd is going to be nice. You know the marshals are going to be nice with you. You know that and you arrive here and you're not surprised. That's a great feeling and such a course, just amazing to play around here. We are really lucky, yeah.

Q. How are you different from three years ago?
GRÉGORY HAVRET: Well, three years, probably more than 75 tournaments. So 75 other experience, so I don't know if I'm another man or not but it's definitely three years and I have probably a little bit less pressure than three years ago. But I'm playing with Phil Mickelson, I was not playing with such a high-ranked player. Yeah, it was a tough one but probably not as tough as tomorrow.
We'll see tomorrow. You know, I'm just taking it minute after minute, hour after hour, and tomorrow I'll be around one o'clock at the first tee and try to do my best to realise very nicely the first shot and then the second shot and etc. I have no plan. I just want to play as well as I did for three days and I'll be around for sure. But if I'm not doing good, I will try to fight as much as I can to finish five or six or ten or 15; if it's like that, it's like that.

Q. Is it important to get a spot in The Open Championship)?
GRÉGORY HAVRET: Well, it's obviously very important, also. As I said, it's a very historic tournament. The Open is such a historic tournament, of course. It's not in my mind, that there is one spot, like last week at K Club, also there was only one spot, I was close, I tied with Edberg, but he went through and not me because he played better in the last round.
One spot is I think not enough for this tournament and for The K Club. I think it's a risky bet, if we have a little more spots, if the guys are in front, even doing well in Loch Lomond or Top 15 can really do well at The Open. So one I think is not enough but anyway, it is like that. I will try my best to play well and if I deserve to go through, fantastic. If somebody deserve more than me, fair enough.

Q. How difficult was the wind today?
GRÉGORY HAVRET: It was really tough, yeah. We felt on the range that the wind was picking up and first hole and second hole it was more and more. It was a tough day. That is probably why the scores were, of course, not as good as the other days. It's also a tough course to play in these conditions because the wind is just turning around and it goes right-to-left and the opposite and helping and you're not so sure. It's tough. It's not like a pure links where the wind is just right-to-left and you know it's going to be like that all day.
But yeah, it's interesting. You know that in four days, you will have some weather around here. I'm not surprised. Yesterday afternoon was probably terrible for the boys and it was tough today. We can guess what will happen tomorrow.
GORDON SIMPSON: Gregory, all the best tomorrow. Enjoy it and thank you very much.

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