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July 12, 2007

Nadia Petrova

Elena Vesnina

Alexander Volkov


COACH VOLKOV: Anna Chakvetadze, Alla Kudryavtseva, Nadia Petrova, Elena Vesnina, Alexander Volkov.
THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What effect has the absence of Shamil Tarpischev the last few days had on the practice of the team?
COACH VOLKOV: I think everybody knows that he has problems with the visa. But now everything is solved, he's on the way here, and he's going to be here tonight.

Q. What effect has his absence had on the team's practice?
COACH VOLKOV: It's even more mobilized now for the game, you know because actually he's always with us. But when he's not here, even more concentrate on the game. I think is going to help us.

Q. Can you let us know exactly what happened.
COACH VOLKOV: Shamil is coming tonight and he can tell you tomorrow. You can ask him questions. It's better if you ask tomorrow.

Q. I'd like to know, the U.S. and Russia have a long history of facing each other in international competition. In light of that, what do you make of the upcoming matches? Nadia?
NADIA PETROVA: You know, for me it's quite difficult to answer that question because I've never been on the Russian team and played against the United States. But we had quite a good history before, previous meeting I believe at home last couple years that we won. So we're quite confident and really looking forward to that.
If we have a chance, you know, after this weekend to be winners, we're going to hold the finals at home, so that is what we're really looking forward to.

Q. What are your first impressions of Stowe and Vermont, and have you had any time to experience anything outside of tennis?
NADIA PETROVA: It is a very different experience for us to be here because, you know, we always travel into one of the biggest cities of the States. It's always crowded. The cities are spread. Here it's absolutely quiet. It's really, really very peaceful, like really being in a village. But it reminds us of some parts of Austria or Switzerland. It's really great. It's such a clear air here.
I'm sure, you know, we just want to enjoy it. It's a nice way to switch from a big Grand Slam, come here, calm down, get your head together and really focus on the tennis. It also gives us an opportunity to stick together and spend some more time together. We're really enjoying it.

Q. Elena, what do you think of the surface of the court?
ELENA VESNINA: Actually, it's a normal hardcourt court. So I think for everybody on the team, it's a good surface for us. Everybody like hard. It was a little bit difficult on the first day when we were playing because maybe we were up in the mountains, that's why the ball flying really fast for us. But I think after a few days, we'll get used to that. Thank you.

Q. Has the short turnover since Wimbledon affected you physically? Has there been enough time in between to sort of recover and have energy?
NADIA PETROVA: You know what, I would say we're really fresh because we had some time to rest. We're actually feeling hungry of tennis because we took a bit of a break. Now every practice is so exciting for us.
We just very motivated and really looking forward for our first games.

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