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July 8, 2007

Arnaud Clement

Michael Llorda


THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. We are told it's the first time in 74 years that a French pair has won the men's doubles here. How does that feel?
ARNAUD CLEMENT: The first thing is not about the 74 years, it's about us. For me, it's very special because for me it's my first Grand Slam title in double. For Michael, it's the third one.
But for me it's a very special feeling. Winning a Grand Slam with one of my best friends, it's more special.

Q. Your celebrations were as wild and ecstatic as any I've seen. You went mad out there, didn't you?
ARNAUD CLEMENT: You didn't see Michael in the Australian Open a few years ago.
MICHAEL LLODRA: But we have to be more relaxed in England. I don't want to shock anyone.

Q. We thought you were going to go naked at one stage.
MICHAEL LLODRA: Probably if it was in Roland Garros. But in England, you know, it's not my hometown, so...

Q. Why were you throwing your racquets and shirts into the crowd?
MICHAEL LLODRA: Seriously, I have to play next week a tournament in Newport. I have no more racquets now. I don't know what I am doing now (smiling).
ARNAUD CLEMENT: That's a very big problem. He gave mine.

Q. Who was the person you got the shirt from at the end when you realized you didn't have a shirt to collect the trophy?
ARNAUD CLEMENT: My brother, my coach.
MICHAEL LLODRA: I forget I only have one shirt. He have to give me his shirt.

Q. You borrowed a shirt off your partner's brother?

Q. You gave him a towel as a souvenir?
MICHAEL LLODRA: Not as a souvenir. We take a lot of souvenir here, don't worry (laughter).

Q. Can you talk a bit about the match, how you think you both played. In your second round you were match point down, that is correct?
MICHAEL LLODRA: It was not really a match point.
ARNAUD CLEMENT: About this match?

Q. No. You were a match point down in your second round match.
ARNAUD CLEMENT: Yeah. In the second round it was a very tough match. Two guys with two big serves. It was very tough to return.
But, you know, match point on Michael's serve, it's not really a match point (smiling). It's 99% chance to win the point, so it's okay.

Q. After that match did you think you could go on to win the whole thing?
MICHAEL LLODRA: No. When we play together we play like each round like the best we can. Even when we were in final, you know, we do our best on the court. We'll see if we win or loss.
The best thing, it's to fight until the end. You have nothing to lose. So we play and we enjoy. That's the best.

Q. Your brother, Arnaud, his first name?

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