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July 8, 2007

Jim Furyk


Q. Did you notice the course playing differently?
JIM FURYK: I'm not sure I understand.

Q. Up-and-downs in the scores, one day somebody will shoot a good round and the next day a high round.
JIM FURYK: I understand. I don't have an answer for you other than it's a good, hard golf course, and when you get it going bad here, it can snowball on you. The day I played poorly, I missed a bunch of fairways. I missed about five fairways that day, and it just seemed like I kept getting a bad lie and making a bogey and getting the next hole and hitting it in the rough on a bad lie and I just compounded my problems.
And the days that I played well, I drove the ball in the fairway. I think I only missed two today -- I might have only missed one or two yesterday and I think I only missed one fairway today and shot 66. For me it was getting the ball in play. When I did that, I could score and I didn't very well from the rough and I don't think anybody did.

Q. Can you talk overall about the inaugural AT&T National?
JIM FURYK: Pretty amazing. We played a great golf course. It was in good condition, and the organization of this event was incredible. The fan support was unreal, and I was amazed at just the -- I don't know what the right word is, but the grand feeling of this event. It seemed like a huge TOUR event, to say the least. And when you think back to 16 weeks, three to four months that they put this together, everyone involved should be really proud of themselves because they did a great job. I thought, you know, first year is always the toughest, and then to do it in such a short time and to turn out so fantastic, it was very nice.

Q. You mentioned earlier there was a six-week stretch that you were not happy with your game; are you happy with it now and is there anything specific that you did to get it to this point?
JIM FURYK: No. I just kept working hard. I felt like in some of those weeks where I played poorly, I really wasn't playing that bad. I was just struggling to get the ball in the hole and struggling to score. You know, for whatever reason, really just kept plugging along and trying to believe in myself and trying to stay patient, which is hard. When you get off to a bad start in a golf tournament, it's hard to stay patient when you come back, and when you have a few weeks in a row where you're not playing well, you want to try to get things going and try to win the golf tournament and that usually compounds your problem. Just sitting back and letting things happen and believing in myself.

Q. How do you feel about your play this week?
JIM FURYK: I played well this weekend. Yesterday I got a lot out of my round to shoot 2-under, and didn't really feel like I played particularly great, but I kept the ball in play, and scored well.
And today, I was a little bit the opposite, I didn't really hit the ball well today and didn't really feel like I had an opportunity to shoot a low number and only got 1-under out of it.
You know, I showed a lot of good signs out there, and if I had knocked in a couple of putts on the back nine, got some momentum going, I really could have probably come close to scaring the leaders. But as it was, I didn't. You know, got within about three, but could never get the putts to fall in to get any closer.

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