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July 8, 2007

Graeme McDowell


Q. Did that suspension hurt you?
GRAEME McDOWELL: I came out to 175 yards to a really tough pin on 13. I did not have a chance to hit any balls. I've had probably five 6-irons in the last two days, no idea where they come from starting from the shot I hit into 18 yesterday. And I had 6-iron to 13 which I blew off to the right. I actually hit a pretty good putt, I missed a 5-footer coming back and missed a 6-footer on the next. Just upset my rhythm enough to put me far enough back to where, you know, I was pushing a little bit coming in.
I aimed it at the pin on 16 and again, 6-iron -- on last I pulled 6-iron again. I can't actually explain. I can't explain what was happening with that golf club. I've just hit five complete anomalies. None of the other clubs in the bag even remotely did that. I hate to blame any equipment, but something very unusual is happening with my 6-iron.

Q. Could not have been worse timing after the three birdies --
GRAEME McDOWELL: It was the absolute worst possible scenario for me, I ripped 1 down 13, three birdies, feeling great, back in the tournament, and bang, really tough shot coming back after the restart - 175 into a tough pin. Lost the feel of the green for 30 minutes and all of a sudden I three-whack it and make bogey.
I hit a great shot on the next and missed it and then birdied the next. So I was standing on No. 16 fairway, thinking I am kind of back in this event, but having to fire at pins. Simon (Wakefield) hits it into the water right in front of me. And I'm right in between 5-iron, 6-iron and try and take a little bit off the 5-iron and a little bit pumped up with adrenaline and tomahawk it right over the pin, right over the bunker everything, highly disappointed.
Bad swing at the last just to cap off a day where I played some fantastic golf. I drove the ball well. You know, I will take positives away eventually but right now, I have to say, I had a chance to win this tournament. The storm killed me a little bit. Tried to fight my way back into it but really was -- really kicking me when I'm down coming in.

Q. What do you do to prepare during the delays?
GRAEME McDOWELL: Last thing I heard was 15 minutes and all of a sudden it was ten minutes before we're back in position. I don't understand what the crack was. I didn't get a chance to hit a putt; I didn't get a chance to hit anything. I had a quick bit of food, I had a quick stretch and next thing you hear is "in position in 15 minutes." I don't understand it really.

Q. You don't even get time to prepare.
GRAEME McDOWELL: I was straight on the bus and back into the teeth of the golf tournament. I don't know. It's the same for everyone, though. It's absolutely the same for everyone. I'm not blaming that in any shape or form. It's just bad timing for me after three birdies, I'm back in it and, you know, disappointing finish. I have to say I am absolutely gutted. As I say, I will take the positives away from it eventually.
I shall take the six iron straight to the Callaway truck on Wednesday. I'll have a little bit of peace of mind if it's the club. I think I hit the club five times including the tee shot at 18 yesterday and every one of them has been an absolute horror story. I don't understand it. Very strange. I will be disappointed if it's the club, but in a way I hope it is otherwise there's something wrong with me.

Q. What happened with the birdies?
GRAEME McDOWELL: Got it down on 10, I hit a good chip about six feet and made it.
11 I hit a lovely would be wedge in there stiff. 12, I ripped a 4-iron right at the pin 15 feet and made that. Ripped it down the middle on 13 and bogeyed there.

Q. With the weather --
GRAEME McDOWELL: We knew it was coming. We knew it was coming.

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