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July 8, 2007

Tiger Woods


Q. Can you talk about what happened on 9?
TIGER WOODS: What happened on 9; I got seven consecutive shots and the last one finally went.

Q. How frustrating was that for you?
TIGER WOODS: Well, 7 and 9, both were very frustrating, making bogey there, and a double at 9 and basically put me out of the tournament.

Q. Did you feel at all that you could have won after that hole?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I had to play just an unbelievable back nine, and I needed help from the guys to falter a little bit. And you know, the way the guys were going back there, at the time there were three guys near the top, and you figured not all three of them are going to falter.
So I had to go out there and play just a picture perfect back nine and hope.

Q. Overall, how do you feel about this weekend and how you played?
TIGER WOODS: The weekend, I hit the ball pretty good actually. Didn't putt well. Yesterday I hit good putts and they didn't go in and today I hit bad putts. I did not putt well today. Again, left a lot of putts short. I had a lot of trouble getting the ball to the hole this week, and I needed to putt well and they were just not going to go in.

Q. Despite not winning, is it safe to say you still had some fun?
TIGER WOODS: I had a great time. The tournament's come together in such a short span of time, and everyone's worked so hard to make it happen.
I think from what I've seen so far, walking around the golf course this entire week, I think this tournament has been embraced by the people here in the D.C. area, and I think that's actually what you want to have happen. And we've been very lucky and very fortunate to have had happen.

Q. Are you able to separate what you've accomplished in putting this tournament together with the performance in terms of how you feel coming out of a week?
TIGER WOODS: Well, you separate it when you're done. But when you're out there playing, I'm trying to get a W, and I didn't get a W. So that's frustrating in that sense.
But this tournament in general has been a bigger success than I think any one of us could have imagined: To have the support we've gotten from the people here; the fans; the military have come out and have really made this tournament very special, and I think everyone who has been a part of it has really worked hard to make the tournament special. I think it's come out that way.

Q. You've got some great fan support back here, can you talk about the big tournament here?
TIGER WOODS: I think the turnout's been incredible. We've had one little spell of weather there for the week, and just a little bit hot, and they still came out and still supported this event. I think that's what I was saying earlier about this tournament being embraced by the community; I think that's what's happened.

Q. Will it be difficult to hand the trophy to someone else in your inaugural event?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I don't like it. (Laughter) I've never liked it. I've had do it at Target a few times. No, I don't like it, but then again, the guys up there on the board are all friends of mine. So any one of them who will win this would be great.

Q. How do you feel your form is going to Carnoustie right now based on what you felt this week?
TIGER WOODS: I'm very pleased at the way I hit the golf ball. The entire week I hit the ball really well, made some great strides since the U.S. Open. I just didn't make anything this week. Just never could get a putt to the hole, and when I did, it usually seemed to find of fall by the wayside.

Q. Even though it's different grass obviously over there, is this a similar speed that you're expecting over there?
TIGER WOODS: I think they will be a little bit quicker over there.

Q. They will?

Q. When you look back over your round and you talk about trying to get in the hunt had you, those first four holes yesterday, is that something, if you had made those putts?
TIGER WOODS: I hit good putts; they just didn't go in. That's the way it goes.
If those putts go in, you get off to just a quick start and get the momentum going, and potentially you could probably get two or three more throughout the round and I'd about been probably two or three back.

Q. Were you comfortable with the driver in the round? You didn't use it on the front nine.
TIGER WOODS: There's really no point in hitting it anywhere. There's only one hole I really changed it, which was on 3. That's the only hole I hit 3-wood instead of driver because at the time it was playing downwind. Other than that, I basically played the same way.

Q. Any memorable anecdotes with the military out here this week?
TIGER WOODS: Anecdotes? No, I think just overall it's been great having them. They have come out and supported this event; to have an attachment come out from Ft. Bragg is awfully special for me because that's what my dad did. And to see those guys out here on Wednesday just made it that much more special for me, because my dad would have just really got a big kick out of that.

Q. Knowing this was so successful on short notice, do you have any higher aspirations when you have a whole year to plan it out?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, well, it will be a little bit easier planning for the event now that you have a hole year instead of 116 days. I think everyone will breathe a big sigh of relief when this is done and everyone who has been a part of this has worked so hard to get it done and they have gotten it done.
Next year hopefully we can make it even better than we did this year. Now we've got some time to think about it, analyze it and figure out how we can make this tournament even better than it was this year.

Q. Along those lines, what kinds of things would you like to see added now that you'll have time?
TIGER WOODS: You know, that's a great question. From a player standpoint, I think the golf course was in great shape. I think all the amenities were fantastic. All of the players I think really enjoyed it this week.
For me personally, maybe the greens could be a little bit quicker so I could get the ball in the hole. But I think overall, I think that the golf course played very fair but very difficult, as well.

Q. Does this course give you preparation for Carnoustie?
TIGER WOODS: Not really. Not in the sense of how we're going to play it. This is more like a U.S. Open venue than it would be a British Open prep.
But having to hit the golf ball in the fairway and place your iron shots; it's like a British Open. The only difference is we can't use the ground to get the ball into the flags. Here you're using the air and lining it and letting it plug.

Q. How will you prepare for the British Open?
TIGER WOODS: I'm going to go home and spend time with Elin and Sam, and I'll be at home practicing. And Hank's coming down, we'll do some grinding and get ready and head on over.

Q. Will you go to Ireland like you normally do?
TIGER WOODS: No. I'm not going to go because, you know, Sam can't travel yet. So I'm going to stay at home as long as I can with them before I head over.

Q. Is heat a factor or how much was it a factor today?
TIGER WOODS: Least? No, this is what I train in. This is what I live in. This is Florida every day. This is why you run all those miles because days like this, you just go right through it.

Q. Are there any distractions from being a host that may have played into your game this weekend?
TIGER WOODS: No. I've done this before. You know, hosting the Target World Challenge, end of the year, it's basically the same thing.
Here it's just a little bit bigger scale but otherwise, it's virtually the same thing.

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