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July 7, 2007

Ben Crenshaw


Q. How was it out there?
BEN CRENSHAW: Just did the stupidest stuff; it just eats on me. I played enough good golf today, but I did some squirrelly stuff. First hole, I hit a beautiful drive, goes over the green and fluff it and make 6.
I'm defensive already. I played okay, but I'm just not -- I left about a 2-foot par putt on 11, just ridiculous.

Q. When is the last time that happened to you?
BEN CRENSHAW: The wind got me off balance and it just happened. I don't know. I can't hold it together; this bothers me.

Q. Is this a difficult golf course?
BEN CRENSHAW: It was a very good test today, really good test of golf. You had to play some shots today. You had to make some shots, too, so just too many mistakes.

Q. Is it hard to shake off the double? You stabilized that, but it's a tough way to start your day.
BEN CRENSHAW: Yeah, things gnaw at me like this and I don't know -- you just have to play. But too many mistakes, that's the bottom line.

Q. On 18 it looked like you put it where you wanted to.
BEN CRENSHAW: I thought if I got it over the hump it would get down to the hole, but hit a 3-iron and it ran through, misread the speed, in an awkward spot there, dropped a stroke. See you all tomorrow.

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