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July 7, 2007

Sam Torrance


Q. How was your day?
SAM TORRANCE: Good day. Very tough, demanding golf course. You've got to keep your head on for 18 holes from start to finish. I managed to do well today, kind of a poor finish on 16 and 17, but a good par on the last so I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. Tell us about the wind coming up.
SAM TORRANCE: It was very gusty, slightly different directions but different direction every day. First two days, swung right around 180 degrees, and today was tough. There was no easy holes. Downwind holes aren't easy and obviously into the wind holes aren't easy.

Q. Greens drying out?
SAM TORRANCE: No, the greens are perfect. The golf course is in perfect condition, it's just very difficult.

Q. Did you feel fortunate to get four on 17?
SAM TORRANCE: Not really, no. I'm in a green side bunker, wasn't in a hazard. It was a difficult shot, but it was lucky to be in the bunker, but it could have been anywhere, so I suppose I was lucky to make four.

Q. How would you characterize the architecture of this course?
SAM TORRANCE: It looks like links but it plays target. There's very few that you can put your ball on the green and run it in, but it's a great test, a good course to be played.

Q. What kind of a score tomorrow to win it?
SAM TORRANCE: Totally depends on the weather, calm day, 65, 66; like today, break 70 and you're going to be close.

Q. The winds are 25 miles an hour.
SAM TORRANCE: 25 mile-an-hour winds?

Q. How do you feel like these guys are going to finish? You're in a good spot now that you're done and these guys are still playing in the wind?
SAM TORRANCE: Fine spot. 14 and 15 are not playing that easy; 16 isn't that difficult, but 17 is a beauty, and 18 is no pushover either.
It's a great pin placement there. I actually thought it would have been there tomorrow, but I'm sure it would be over on the left side tomorrow. 25 mile an hour winds? Good. Same for everybody.

Q. What was your first hole to --
SAM TORRANCE: I don't judge it by that. 119 to go at 16 and I was hitting 8-iron, so that's more like a 3-wood.

Q. Watson had three bogeys; tough golf course?
SAM TORRANCE: It can happen, it can happen at any point from the first tee to the last green.

Q. A lot of people got back in.
SAM TORRANCE: Unless he was going to run away with it, we were all going to get back in to it with a half decent day. Thank you.

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