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July 7, 2007

Bob Gilder


Q. (Question regarding technology.)
BOB GILDER: Well, it's -- you can't go backwards. Are you going to go backwards now? You're not going to tell technology to take a seat and stop it from happening. Whether you're in favor of it or not, it's not going to happen. So, you know, I don't know. Some people it's going to help, some people it might hurt.

Q. Do you think it's more of a plus --
BOB GILDER: I think it's more of a plus than this is. Shoot, people forget long-hitters hit it over 300 yards all the time. These kids are young, they're strong, they have got swings and they swing hard at it. You know, you've still got to hit the fairways. You've got to do a good shot out of the rough. So I don't know whether technology has brought the game up a few notches, and if this is what we're supposed to look forward to, I don't know.

Q. Do you see the courses changing and --
BOB GILDER: I'm not so worried about length; it's gimmicky stuff; this is gimmicky. You know, design the holes that aren't disaster holes. Seems like to get notoriety at this you've got to build a disaster, and, you know, it may be fun for the spectators, but it's not fun to play.

Q. Any hole you look at that you think, hey, what's going on here?
BOB GILDER: They're all that way. You have these bunkers that are so small you hardly fit in them when you get in one, let alone have the ability to swing at it. You have drop-offs that go down into nothing, just off the edge of the greens, and you don't have to hit a real bad shot to hit at that stuff.
And yet you can get so unlucky that you can't play. And the guy that hits it 3 feet to the side of you could be next to the hole. So I don't know. To play it is stressful, but, you know, everybody's got to play it. And they're giving that money away, so I'll play it.

Q. Kind of a Pinehurst kind of guy?
BOB GILDER: I'm a traditional golf course player. I'm not a disaster golf course guy at all.

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