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July 6, 2007

Niclas Fasth


Q. 68, you must be feeling good?
NICLAS FASTH: No, I came down with a pretty heavy cold this week, not so surprising I guess but I was pretty knocked out after yesterday. Today was a matter of just getting out there and watching up and getting the blood flowing, I felt a bit better, but it's not great.

Q. Obviously difficult conditions to feel out there, as well because it's pretty taxing mentally and physically, isn't it?
NICLAS FASTH: Yeah, it is but at least once you get out there and get going, you have to be tough whether you feel good or not. Just get on with it and play. Today was for me a round of hanging in there anyway. I didn't really get the flow going early on.
The greens were slower today and I must say it took me most of this round to get the feel on the greens, which is unfortunate. But I hung in there very well, started playing better and better, and the attitude is really good. So, I was happy.

Q. Give us a sense of how the golf course is standing up to these conditions.
NICLAS FASTH: Well, very good now. It hasn't rained that much today, and I would never say it's dry, you know, but it's soft, but the greens are fantastic. They are holding up very good. So they are not having any problems playing. It's just a bit heavy.

Q. The greens are receptive and they are so good, do you look at every hole and think, "I could birdie this?"
NICLAS FASTH: Yeah, if you are on a club, you can go after it. It's like normal if the greens are reasonably receptive. The wind is going to make it a bit more difficult but fair enough. If you're on a club you can go after a lot of the pins yes.

Q. So no practise, just off to bed and try and recover?
NICLAS FASTH: Yes, yes, hot shower and to bed.

Q. You must be fairly pleased with that.
NICLAS FASTH: Yeah, I was, couldn't really get the flow going early on today, so I have to just hang in there and did that very well. Started playing better and better during the round, and finally got a little scoring going on the back nine. So that was good, good work, and I'm staying right in contention, so I'm pleased with that.

Q. And what's wrong with you at the moment?
NICLAS FASTH: I've just got a really bad cold with a fever and stuff so I'm not feeling my most energetic maybe. Once you get out on the course and get going, it feels a little bit easier. But I guess it's going to hit me now again once I just wind down.

Q. And the weather doesn't help, does it?
NICLAS FASTH: No, it doesn't. I was reasonably healthy when I got here and I just got a cold here and it's developed. Not nice, but I was just saying to my dad who was here earlier that if I was at home and in bed, I wouldn't be that happy, either. So at least I'm happy to be playing.

Q. Hopefully you can get to bed and be one of the late starters tomorrow.
NICLAS FASTH: Yeah, I'll try and rest as good as I can and with a little bit of luck I'll feel a little better tomorrow. I'm going to give it a good go this weekend. Hopefully my form stays and a few more putts drop.

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