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July 6, 2007

Tom Watson


Q. Talk about how you improved your game the last few days.
TOM WATSON: My day, as I said in the interviews over there, I still feel a little bit uncomfortable on the golf course; I don't know it very well.
To get out there I feel like I'm guessing a lot of times. I'm guessing the distances and guessing the places I have to hit it off the tee. I guessed right a few times today, but it's going to make me steer the ball a little bit with my swing.
And I'm a little bit tight with the swing, but I hit a lot of good shots. I kept the ball in play for the most part. I got a couple runs going both on the front and the back. I had four birdies on the back to get me started. I started in at 14 and then had four out of five on the front side, so it was pretty good this morning, too.
I felt somewhat more comfortable today than I did yesterday, but still I don't feel all that comfortable on this Whistling Straits golf course.

Q. You've been playing this game for a long time. Can you talk about the difference between your years on the PGA TOUR and your years on the Champions Tour and how your approach to the game has differed through the years?
TOM WATSON: My approach to the game has never differed. It's still to go out and play my best golf to compete. That's what I like to do. I like to compete. I like to compete against the best, and this is the best that the old guys have to offer.
We also are playing on one of the best golf courses here, too, at Whistling Straits. It hasn't changed over the years. The only thing that's changed is my body's changed. I've got a bad wheel, I don't practice very much any are more. But when I get ready for a tournament, I'm preparing just like I used to.

Q. Someone said you were playing like the Tom Watson of old, do you agree with that?
TOM WATSON: Well, the body doesn't feel like the Tom Watson of old, it feels like my legs are in concrete somewhat. But I got the job done today. And as I said, the golf course is, because it's so new to everybody, and the wind is coming from a different direction now than it did yesterday, than it did the last two practice rounds, the golf course is playing new to everybody. So there's some guesswork out there.
How do you fit the ball into some of these fairways. What club to hit off the tee. Where are do you aim. There's still some question marks in my mind about that. I'm learning the golf course, I played five rounds here, but I still, I certainly haven't learned it yet.

Q. Do you think we'll see a lot of low scores today and do you expect it to be tougher this weekend?
TOM WATSON: We'll see some low scores this morning for sure. The golf course played its easiest with the light wind and the wind from the direction it was coming from, but as you see, you can hear, you hear the wind starting to pick up. And, who knows, by the time 4 o'clock rolls around it may be howling out here.

Q. Can you talk about your putting today. You had a lot of 1-putts.
TOM WATSON: I did. I putted well today. I made a lot of good putts. I felt that -- I changed my approach to the putter this week somewhat, so it's starting to work. The last couple of tournaments I've changed and used a different method. And it seems like it's working, but not all the time, but it's working some of the time. And that's good. The ball's falling into the hole.

Q. Do you notice the galleries keep growing?
TOM WATSON: That's great. It's great playing in front of a lot of people. They're getting big. It gets me excited. It gets everybody excited to have people out here cheering for you.

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