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July 6, 2007

Loren Roberts


Q. Nothing but birdies today. 3-under today and 5-under. The course is playing pretty good, but you're also playing pretty good?
LOREN ROBERTS: The course is playable. If you're driving the ball in the fairway, the greens obviously are holding. You can hit some good shots. I had a lot of birdie chances today, was able to convert three of them, and had no bogeys.
So I hit a lot of really good shots today and hit a lot of really good shots yesterday, just made one bad swing and that's the way it goes. But I feel like 5-under I'm not too far back.

Q. I see 1-putts and 2-putts, did you leave anything out there?
LOREN ROBERTS: I felt like I had a good -- I had several in that 10, 12, 15 foot range today that I didn't make.
I just feel like I'm going to make one or two more of those than I did the last couple days, but, hey, I'm really pleased with the way I'm striking the ball. And that's what you need to do on this golf course is hit a lot of quality shots.

Q. You've had an opportunity to play this game for a long time, can you talk a little bit about your approach now on the Champions Tour versus your approach earlier in your career?
LOREN ROBERTS: I'm still approaching it a little the same way. I still love to compete, but obviously it's not as much life or death out here. And for me, it probably, on the Champions Tour, I think and a lot of the guys would tell you that, that golf is more about fun.
Obviously, this is a Major Championship and you want to win those, so you always ratchet it up a little bit higher for these weeks.

Q. But certainly your desire for competition and playing well never ends?
LOREN ROBERTS: Oh, I love to compete, yeah, that's why I'm still playing.

Q. How many low scores do you think we'll see today and do you expect the course to change some for this weekend?
LOREN ROBERTS: It's supposed to blow 10 to 15 off the like this afternoon, so we'll see what happens. I'm hoping it will blow 20.

Q. You mentioned playing golf is all about having fun. Do you feel you're still as aggressive now as you used to be when you first started your career?
LOREN ROBERTS: I'm just probably a little more patient now.

Q. How surprised with you with Allen's rounds this week?
LOREN ROBERTS: Well, he played horrible yesterday. I felt bad for him. He got in the rough a few times and really couldn't get out. And it was, he just didn't chip it or putt well. And he had a bad -- he played better today until -- he was under par until the 17th.

Q. Whose decision was it to walk down the 18th fairway?
LOREN ROBERTS: We all kind of agreed to let him go first on 18. He's the two time reigning champion, that was his last hole as reigning champion and you have to honor that.

Q. With all your success do you find you have quite a large following around the course here from your success at the GMO?
LOREN ROBERTS: Yeah, I'm kind of an honorary cheesehead, I hope any way. I got a lot of friends from Milwaukee from playing in the GMO, I saw a lot of them out here today.

Q. Talk about Tom Watson, he looks like he's playing like the Tom Watson of old.
LOREN ROBERTS: Tom Watson doesn't surprise me when he plays well. Obviously, he still hits it as well as he ever did. For him it's a matter of making putts and obviously he made some putts today. And he's going to be tough it catch.

Q. You're playing well, do you feel pretty good about your self going into the weekend?
LOREN ROBERTS: I really feel good about the way I hit the ball and hopefully I'll continue that friend trend the next couple of days.

Q. You're pretty tough on yourself out there. I walked with you and when it's not perfect --
LOREN ROBERTS: Well, you still have the desire, you want to hit a good shot, because this golf course, you can't get too far off from perfect if you want to get the ball around the hole. That's why putting is tough here, if you don't hit it right dead pin high and get it around the hole, you got a lot of putts that break two ways, a lot of up and overs, and those are the hardest putts to get close.

Q. Tom mentioned this is still a new golf course, how does a golfer approach a course that they're not too familiar with?
LOREN ROBERTS: I was lucky enough to be here for the PGA, so I've seen it probably six times before I got here this week, then two more times in the practice rounds.
So I have a pretty good idea of how the course played. And we really haven't had any tough wind here. So if you don't have a lot of wind, definitely you don't have to have done as much homework if you don't have a lot of wind because you pretty much see what you get.

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