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July 6, 2007

Des Smyth


Q. Minus five is a right where you want to be?
DES SMYTH: Minus five is very good. I'm happy with minus five. Had I had opportunities near the end maybe I had one or two more, but overall I'm very happy with minus five.

Q. I guess we can't get too far along without talking about an eagle, right?
DES SMYTH: I had an eagle; it was very nice too, it came at a good time. I had an I hit a really good drive down 16, and I had about 250 yards to the flag. I smashed a 3-wood to 10 feet and made it. So it's a nice shot in the arm because you're going to give shots back on this golf course.

Q. If you're not playing well, obviously the putter is going to fail you, but the putter's smoking?
DES SMYTH: Not bad, I'm happy with the way I putted. Obviously I was listening to Loren; it's that type of golf course, you got to get your ball pin high. Because if your -- short you've got such difficult long putts. You never get a straight putt.
That's a big breaker one way or the other and then the slopes to contend with. So it's important actually to be fairly aggressive with your approach to make sure you get them at least pin high.

Q. If you're looking at a leaderboard out there, it looks like the hands of time have been turned back. It's the same players you've been competing against for a long time?
DES SMYTH: Well once a great player, always a great player. I mean Tom Watson just always plays great golf, always did all his life. That's nothing new.

Q. Expectations for you or -- obviously you like your position?
DES SMYTH: I like where I am, but my expectations, I'm not going to think too much of that because I've had a bad season and I'm really looking forward to try and find my game and play well. This would be a nice weekend to do it.

Q. What's the difference between not playing so good and where you're at now?
DES SMYTH: Well I've been working hard and slowly my game's coming back lately. I've been hitting a few good rounds in the last couple of weeks, so it's getting better. I'm not quite happy with it, but I'm happy with the position I'm in right now.

Q. Feel like you're someplace other than Wisconsin when you look at this?
DES SMYTH: Yeah, you could be back in Scotland or Ireland out here, yeah, it's got that flavor to it all right.

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