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July 6, 2007

Jim Furyk


Q. What's the difference between yesterday and today?
JIM FURYK: Really the start. I just got off to a horrible start today. I left myself a tough putt from about 75, 80 feet on 11. Wasn't able to get it down. Then I started missing fairways. I missed possibly four fairways in a row, or four out of five there on the back nine and just never came up with a lie. I never came up with a lie where I could advance the ball more than about 115 or 120 yards.
I missed five fairways today and every one of them was a pitch-out. I didn't putt very well. I didn't manage my game well and I wasn't able to weather the storm. You're going to have spots in tournaments where you don't hit the ball as well as you want, and you're going to miss some fairways and hitting some poor golf shots.
But the difference between playing well and not is managing that, getting the ball in the hole, making some pars, limiting your mistakes. On a hole like 14 today, I drove it in the rough and I played it out, and had a wedge in my hand, knocked it behind the pin, 3-putted; and you kind of are trying to turn five into four, and I turned it into six. So that's kind of how my day went and.
Then I went on my second side, the front side, I actually played pretty well. I think I missed one fairway and one green and the 17 putts I had didn't help too much. I missed about -- the fairway I missed, I wedged it in there three or four feet and 360-ed and it had a lot of good birdie putts I didn't knock in until the last hole.

Q. How do you get back to where you were yesterday?
JIM FURYK: The only way you get back is shoot a good number. I need to go out tomorrow and fire a good number if I want to get back in the tournament. Two guys have separated themselves; Choi and Appleby seem to be way out ahead right now.
We'll see how the guys in the afternoon do. I think the scoring will be -- I don't know a lot, but scoring will be tougher today. The wind is up a little bit more and I think the course will set up a lot harder. I think some pins on a lot of the difficult holes like 6, 11, 18, the pins are tougher on all of those holes today and I think it's set up harder.
I needed to -- what I needed to do today was turn that 74 into a 71 and kind of lick my wounds and get ready for tomorrow and I wasn't able to do that. So stuck myself a little bit behind the 8-ball.

Q. You've been in this position tomorrow. What's your approach and mentality going into round three?
JIM FURYK: Just try to stay in a good frame of mind. Had I played the front -- if I went out and played even par and came in and just shot 4-over on that side, I'd probably be a little grouchier. I did actually play quite well on the last nine holes and hit the ball quite well. Didn't get a lot out of it. I think that's why I'm in a lot better frame of mind.
I think to go out and stay in a good frame of mind tomorrow and try to get things going, and try and play a good round of golf and get myself back in it.

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