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July 5, 2007

Ian Woosnam


IAN WOOSNAM: I ended up holing a good six-footer for a double bogey at the last, so I have to be thankful for that really. Disappointed to finish my round like that but it's just nice to be out again. I am only 75 per cent fit but at least I am walking around the golf course again.

Q. Back here after the Ryder Cup and with similar weather?
IAN WOOSNAM: It's funny, when I was at The Ryder Cup I didn't seem to notice the rain so much as I did today. I think we got lucky this morning, and I think the weather will get worse this afternoon.

Q. Given the way you seem to have taken the double-bogey at the last, was that an indication that you are so please to get back playing?
IAN WOOSNAM: Yes. I think I am just trying to get back playing some decent golf. For me it's about playing for next year when I join the seniors. I find it very difficult now as I can't hit the ball far enough off the tee to take courses apart.

Q. How are you feeling after playing 36 holes at Sunningdale on Monday and then again yesterday and today?
IAN WOOSNAM: Last night I was really tired. I played well at Sunningdale but for the last nine of the 36 I really struggled. I am not saying I would have made it or not, but I would have been closer if I had been stronger.

Q. Can you explain how you have felt with the virus?
IAN WOOSNAM: I got a virus in Thailand and it has just sort of gone through my body. At the Masters it was in my hips and I could only walk 150 yards. And then it seems to have gone down my legs - it's down in my shins and feet at the moment.

Q. Tell us about your round today?
IAN WOOSNAM: I made some good up and downs. I did not drive the ball that well and left myself a long way to go into some greens. It is difficult to get back into it when you have not played, but I would have taken level par when I went out. I thought I might struggle this morning but I actually feel alright now. My feet are aching so I am going to put my feet up this afternoon and have one of those Guinnesses.

Q. What is the treatment?
IAN WOOSNAM: Just rest. No tablets.

Q. And glad to be back here after The Ryder Cup?
IAN WOOSNAM: I have great memories of last year but I am just trying to concentrate on my own game.

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