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July 5, 2007

Jon Fiedler


Q. Take me through it. Just your general reaction to the course and how things went for you.
JON FIEDLER: Mike San Filippo, who I played with, we hit almost the same shot on 17.
He hit it just over the green and I hit it in the back fringe, and he makes 8 or 9 on the hole and it's really punitive, and I think all the players agree with me. A little off, and without a little bit of luck, you can make a big number.

Q. Much has been made about how difficult this course is; it's been known for its difficulty, would you agree with that? You had a great day today.
JON FIEDLER: Yeah, obviously the scores are probably indicative of that. I hit a lot of good shots just to make par. And that's just the way the tournament is at this point.

Q. You think you got fortune with the wind being somewhat down?
JON FIEDLER: Absolutely.

Q. I know it's kind of crazy out here at times.
JON FIEDLER: Absolutely. With my starting off early I a would rather do that than go off late to get a good start.

Q. You got a good start last year. Did you learn something there that you brought to the first opening round this year?
JON FIEDLER: Only by making the cut there, and I think that at Oak Tree I think it was, a little confidence builder, obviously. And I've played in three events on the Champions Tour so far so of late, yesterday, if you told me I was going to shoot 69 I would say forget it, the way I'm hitting the ball right now. But that's the game of golf, that's the way it goes.

Q. How about if I told you you were going to take 26 putts and that's all you needed today?
JON FIEDLER: Were you counting fringes? The last putt on 18. I'll take that.

Q. But your putter, tell me about the putting. Your putter must have been just right on the money?
JON FIEDLER: I got one of the local caddies, he does a great job of reading the greens and I just follow his action. Pretty easy.

Q. Is there something to be said about having the success you've had today while qualifying for this tournament instead of getting an exemption? Does it make you feel any better knowing that?
JON FIEDLER: I don't know. It's a fun event, we're lucky to be here to qualify for it and then obviously shooting a 69 or 70 the first round is an extra added incentive.

Q. That par putt on the last hole. How important was it to finish on a note like that going to the evening and starting to think about tomorrow?
JON FIEDLER: It was really important for me because I 3-putted 17. I think I 3-putted 14 and/or 15 and 17. Of which I hit two great shots and almost made bogey. That's the way the golf course is. It's just really tough.

Q. Is it better then sometimes to not have expectations?
JON FIEDLER: I'm beginning to think so. We'll see what happens tomorrow. We'll just go sleep on it.

Q. The last time you were in the Champions Tour qualifying finals, are you still pursuing that? Trying to get on the Champions Tour?
JON FIEDLER: I'm one of the Top-30 qualifiers this year, so I've been playing that. Like I said, I qualified for three events early in the year and I haven't been playing too well the last month. Month and a half. So this is fun.

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