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July 5, 2007

Vicente Fernandez


Q. Can you just talk about your opening round and how things went for you out there today?
VICENTE FERNANDEZ: I've been striking the ball very well, and which was the case also today. And I make a couple mistakes early on in the round, but, like on number 4, I 3-putted from long distance.
Then I birdie 5 and 6.
Then I bogey 7 again, which I hit a bad tee shot on that par-3.
From then on I played very steady. I was lucky on No. 9 to chip in just off the green and very steady. Most of the round I hit a lot of fairways, a lot of greens. And I putted pretty well too.

Q. Eduardo obviously in the lead right now, you're 3-under, and Cabrera obviously with his success at the U.S. Open, what does it mean for Argentina to have this kind of success in the U.S. Open?
VICENTE FERNANDEZ: Well, I think that it, just for his career, I always thought it was a matter of time for him to win a Major. And I think that it depends on his approach mentally to the Majors. I think he can win a lot more.
For us, well, Romero already won a Major on the Champions Tour last year, and I'm not surprised that he is doing very well again this year.

Q. How did the wind play out there today? When did you think of the wind?
VICENTE FERNANDEZ: The wind, I think it was easier, the wind, today, because it was down on No. 1 from the right. And No. 2 also. And I think that the tougher wind is the opposite wind, the prevailing wind, which they told me it's the opposite one, because it makes a lot of holes play with a wind left-to-right, which is tough for everybody who plays right-to-left. So I think that it was a little bit windy, but it wasn't a bad wind today.

Q. How about some comments on the course set up, hole locations, the rough, how was it out there today?
VICENTE FERNANDEZ: It is tough. It doesn't matter that because I hit a lot of fairways and a lot of greens. If you just miss just a little bit on the fairways, you're in trouble. And you miss just off the green, maybe two or three paces off the green, it's a tough recovery, unless you are on the front edge. But if you have it from the side, the grass is short and tough to get through.

Q. Are you surprised someone can shoot a 6-under today?
VICENTE FERNANDEZ: No, not in the morning, I wasn't surprised. When I saw him early on 3-under, I thought he could do it. And he did it.

Q. How do you explain the success of Argentinian golf right now? What is it about you guys? Mental toughness, your swing, how, why are you guys succeeding so well right now?
VICENTE FERNANDEZ: I think most of the youngsters that they learn a lot. I think that thanks to the success of the some Argentinians that they were playing on other tours. And they get a different approach from that, not only physically, but also mentally, which it's great that they're doing well, that helps encourages the youngsters to go out and to try and play on every tour. We have about 50 youngsters playing worldwide on different tours. Argentinian boys that are doing very well on every tour. They're winning every where. So I'm not surprised that they're doing very well.
What happened I think is that they need a little bit more support from our federation and our PGA, to get better, even better. Because that he are really good.

Q. Can it ever pass soccer in popularity?
VICENTE FERNANDEZ: No, I don't think so. I don't think so. But golf in Argentina is the most growing sport in the last 10, 15 years. So we're doing very well. I mean, those are youngsters, they're practicing and they are training and they take care of themselves very well.

Q. You made a nice par save on 18 to finish your round. How important is it to end your round on a high note like that?
VICENTE FERNANDEZ: Lately I've been doing so many bogeys, so many birdies, thanks to God too, but so many bogeys, that after my second bogey today I told myself, well, no more bogeys. So that means no more mental mistakes. And it worked out. So far it worked out. And it's a good test, it leaves a good taste in my mouth and maybe tonight for dinner too. And I will be pleased to go and watch the soccer tonight. Hopefully Argentina wins against Paraguay.

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