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July 5, 2007

Jeff Quinney


NELSON SILVERIO: Thanks for spending a couple minutes today. 3-under today, why don't you give us some general comments on your round.
JEFF QUINNEY: It was a tough start. I got off to a good start but it was a tough start, obviously teeing off 10 today, first hole, 7:22, 3-iron right out of the gate is a tough way to start and luckily just walked away with a par.
And hit the fairway on 11 and missed the green in a good spot and chipped it in. Walked away with a par and birdie off the first two, and I think when you walk away with a total of six strokes, you're definitely making a huge push on the field, and just felt pretty good out there, I made a lot of birdies. Every time I hit it in the rough, I chipped out basically. The rough is so bad that I had to chip out and wedge it close to make par, and did that twice luckily.

Q. 3-under on this course, do you like that?
JEFF QUINNEY: Yeah. You know, I'm surprised the scores or not a little bit lower. You would think somebody would take it a little bit lower. As long as you hit the fairways, it's not that bad because the greens are receptive and you can pretty much throw anything at the hole and it's going to stop.
But the pins are tough as usual and par 70, there's just not that many birdie opportunities.

Q. Glad you got your round in early?
JEFF QUINNEY: Yeah, it was perfect out there, really. The conditions were ideal. Not too much wind. The greens are receptive, pretty smooth for the most part.

Q. How has your season been coming in here? Do you feel like the last couple of weeks you've been getting back together?
JEFF QUINNEY: It's starting to come back to peaking. I obviously had a great start on the West Coast and had four Top 10's in a row. Now I'm ready to get back on top and just tired of kind of making cuts and kind of finishing toward the bottom and just playing mediocre and not scoring it very well and feel like I'm not getting most out of my round.
Today, you know, I felt like I scored. I finally made some good par putts and up-and-downs, which you have to do to play well.
NELSON SILVERIO: If you wouldn't mind, just your birdies and bogeys. You started with a birdie on 11.
JEFF QUINNEY: Birdie on 11 it was a chip-in on the front right.
12, hit a great wedge in there to eight feet. That's one of the holes you really need to take advantage of that you can hit a short iron off the tee or a 3-wood and get a wedge on that.
Bogey on 13. Hit it long there. That was kind of a rookie mistake because I was dead. I basically could not keep it barely on the green.
Birdie on 16, another par 5 you've got to take advantage of; it's the only one on the back side and just can't get there. So I just wedged it up to a good yardage and hit it to about four feet and made it.
Disappointed with the bogey on 18. Hit a great drive, only had like 130 yards to the hole. Kind of hit it a little bit fat and actually 3-putted that hole for my bogey on 18.
Birdie on 2. That was a great birdie. I hit hybrid 225 yards uphill a little bit into the wind. It was a heck of a tough par 3, and to walk away with 2 was a big advantage there.
8, hole you've got to take advantage of, it's the shortest one out there and I hit a sand wedge to about three or four feet and made that one.

Q. What adjustments, if any, do you anticipate for the next round? Is there one thing mechanically or mentally that you would like to overcome?
JEFF QUINNEY: I missed a few shots right today. But I'm feeling overall pretty good. Just going to go through my normal routine rest of the day, go get some lunch, get some rest, go out and practice a little bit, go back and stay with the family -- I'm staying with a family over here, friends from Arizona. I tend to play really good when I stay with people and get out of hotel rooms. I look back on the West Coast, I know more families there. I'm more relaxed and my best finishes are when I'm staying in a house.

Q. What's the talk among the players about the opportunity to play here and how well this event is organized and what kind of event this may be become?
JEFF QUINNEY: It's awesome. Obviously this is a championship venue. Congressional, everybody knows about it. It's a fair test. It's not a course that you look at and say it's too hard because it's goofy. It's hard because it right in front of you. It's a championship golf course, Open Championship type golf course. The rough is set up, and basically just the one-shot penalty, every time you hit it, you've got to chip out.
The rest, got a great field, great purse, a lot of attention on it with the holiday and it's fun to be a part of.

Q. What did you do for the 4th of July?
JEFF QUINNEY: I just hung out with the family. They have a son that's a stand out junior player and just had a good barbeques. Those are the things you kind of miss when you're away from home is to get that home cooking and have a barbeque and just relax.

Q. Did you see the fireworks?
JEFF QUINNEY: Yeah, we kind of came over and watched the fireworks here at Congressional and it was a good show.

Q. How did you play No. 6?
JEFF QUINNEY: I hit a great drive down the middle. I had 5-iron in there and actually had a great look at birdie. I hit it 20 feet left of the hole. I left it just short, but I almost made three on there and I almost made three on 11, which would have been a huge probably two skins on that hole.
The guys in my group both laid up. One guy hit it right next to the pin and sucked it back in the water on his lay-up shot. So it's a tough -- even if you lay up, it's not an easy hole to make even four or five from.

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