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July 4, 2007

Adam Scott


NELSON SILVERIO: Welcome, Adam. Thanks for coming in for a couple minutes. You got a chance to see the course today. What were your impressions on it.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I played this morning in the Pro-Am and yesterday. It's in great shape. The rough is certainly up and very thick.
But the greens are forgiving I think, and they have got plenty of moisture in them at the moment. The ball is holding well. So if you get a good enough lie out of the rough, you'll be able to hold it on the green if you can get it there.
But it's just nice to be back here after a couple of years of not playing here. I played well here a couple of years ago, so I'm looking forward to the week.

Q. How is the course different from the last time you were here in terms of the rough? Is the rough that high last time?
ADAM SCOTT: I don't think it was that high. It's just quite severe. The ball is really falling to the bottom, and there's just a lot of grass off the fairway.
I can't believe that it was this high a couple of years back.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about the shape of your game right now? You've got a lot of big events coming up.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it's not too bad. It's possible not exactly where I want it, but hopefully maybe straighten things out this afternoon on the range and get into a bit of a rhythm on the course tomorrow, and things might fall into place.
But I feel pretty happy with where it's been. Obviously the U.S. Open was disappointing, having played so well the couple of weeks before.
But you know, with a few good rounds here, I can get over that pretty quick and look forward to getting into contention here and looking ahead to the British Open.

Q. Is there anything in particular you're working on?
ADAM SCOTT: Probably my rhythm in my golf swing. That's what's not feeling so great practicing these two days. Just go and try and smooth that out on the range this afternoon.

Q. How do you rank this course compared to some of the other courses on the TOUR?
ADAM SCOTT: This is definitely in the top five on TOUR, for sure. I really enjoyed playing here a couple of years ago. There really wasn't a week all-out, I thought when I played here a couple of years ago, and the same goes at now. Although the 10th hole has changed -- well, the 18th and 10th are switched around.
It's just a traditional, old-style golf course and it rewards good golf and punishes bad golf, which I think is a good way to go.

Q. Obviously this tournament came together after a lot of you guys would have already made out your schedule. Is this a week you would have played normally; and if not, when did you decide and why did you decide to come here?
ADAM SCOTT: I wasn't going to play The INTERNATIONAL. I think I had originally planned to play the French Open last week and been over in Europe already. But the opportunity to come back to Congressional was too good to resist I guess after playing well here the last time around. And also being that one week closer to the British Open, so just one week off in between sounded pretty good for me.

Q. Is it mainly Congressional, or is it the fact that it's Tiger's tournament?
ADAM SCOTT: It's golf courses. A lot of the time my schedule goes off courses I like.

Q. You mentioned it a little bit before, but what is your opinion of the starting holes, the 10th and the 11th, and even the 9th to some extent; on the back nine everyone has talked about how they are a little bit different.
ADAM SCOTT: Other than the order changing rebound the only new hole is the 10th. I mean, I'm not a big fan of 230-yard par 3s over water, especially at 6:30 this morning. (Laughter).
You know, it's okay. But I like the finish the way it is, finishing on the 17th hole -- well, the 18th, but it's a tough hole. I mean, it's going to ask all the questions it needs to of anyone coming down there who needs to make a par.
I think it's a better finish that way than finishing on the old par 3.

Q. You mentioned this is one of your Top-5 courses; would you list other courses that you really enjoy playing?
ADAM SCOTT: Do you want me to list them?

Q. Yeah.
ADAM SCOTT: Riviera; Quail Hollow I think is the course at Wachovia; I think Sawgrass is a great tournament, golf course. I'll try and think of another one for you -- well, there you go, I think that's four.
NELSON SILVERIO: Thanks, Adam for coming in.

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