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July 3, 2007

Nicole Vaidisova


THE MODERATOR: Nicole Vaidisova.

Q. This is your third appearance in Wimbledon. In 2005 you reached the third round; 2006, you reached the fourth round. Where do you see yourself in this championship, having now defeated the champion?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: No, it was definitely a great win today. I feel really good about my game. Coming in especially, you know, like I said, I'm not a huge fan of grass, a little challenge for me.
I've been improving every match. Just very excited and looking forward to the next one. So not really thinking of rounds further and further ahead.

Q. Not semifinal or final?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: No. I'm in the quarterfinals right now and that's, you know, what I'm thinking about, so...

Q. What were the keys for you to be able to beat a defending champion? I know you've beaten her a couple time before, but it's different circumstances here.
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Definitely. I mean, this is a surface that definitely suits her a lot, and I knew if I wanted to win I had to, you know, kind of get on the same level and play as good as she does on it.
So I just came out there, you know, hitting and fighting for every point. In the end it worked out for me.

Q. How much of a mental battle is it to play someone like her? First set was tough. The second was tough. Third set it seemed like you were locked in there.
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Of course, the first set, she had three set points in the first set. You know, I just kept there trying to stay positive, fight for every point.
You know, in the second set I kind of, you know, I think lost a couple games just because I wasn't as concentrated.
You know, we came out the third set, I just wanted to win. I did everything I could to win.

Q. What was it like off and on, off and on, with all the rain delays?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Yeah, I mean, it was kind of tiring. You know, you walk all those stairs up, the locker room in back. It's pretty much a long walk. So that really gets you tired.
But, you know, you have to get used to it. You know, you sit there, you wait, you talk to your dad or someone for a second. You go on again, you know.

Q. Could you describe the physical sensation of playing on grass. Doesn't happen very often, but...
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: It's different. Of course it's different. It's like you step on the court. You're thinking, wait a minute, this is not a surface.
But then it's like, I like it now. Of course I like it now. After a couple matches in, you know, you get used to the fact that the ball bounces slower and differently.
It's fun to, you know, challenge yourself with the surface once in a while. We just play one, two tournaments on it a year, so make the most of it.

Q. In the third set she seemed to almost give up, give away quite a few points to you. Were you surprised how easy it was to win that third set?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Well, I mean, after the first two sets, of course, you go out there thinking, Okay, this is going to be another tough battle.
But I started off very well after, you know, she won the second, and I just took the lead right away. So I just kept focused, not thinking if she's playing less or if she's making maybe too many errors.
I tried really just to focus on my game, what I'm doing.

Q. Do you remember the point of your career when you started sharing the court with players like Mauresmo, not feeling intimidated against players that won Grand Slams or achieved a lot in their careers?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: I have a tremendous amount of respect for Amélie. She won here last year, she won, of course the Australian Open. I still have huge respect for her. But on the court when you play, you try to win. You don't think about who's standing on the other side.
I'm definitely happy I'm able to win those matches. Because, of course, when you start on, it's more about just being able to play with those players. But those are facts now that I'm able to beat them. So that's a good thing.

Q. Was there a moment or particular match where you felt like you really discovered that belief against these type of players?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: I mean, for sure, it helps French Open last year when I got to the semis, beat great players on the way, Amélie one of them. It definitely gives you confidence.

Q. How nervous were you getting as it came to the finishing line?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: I mean, I was nervous in a lot of ways because, of course, on one side you want to win, you're really nervous about that. Then it started raining a little bit. So, of course, you kind of want to get it done. You want to play.
Yeah, of course a little nervous. But, you know, more excited.

Q. What is your favorite surface?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: I like hard and clay probably the same. I like hard, but I grew up on clay, had some great results on clay. Kind of both I think on the same level.

Q. You're starting to develop a love for grass?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Of course, I'm not going to be leaving this year's Wimbledon thinking this is not for me. I definitely got used to it a little better as I played more matches.
I played Eastbourne, which was great to get some matches in. Playing here. So I feel like I'm improving every match, which is a good thing.

Q. Do you feel like you're ready to win Wimbledon this year?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: I have not asked myself those questions and I'm not about to. I really am taking it match by match. You know, we'll see how it goes next round.
I mean, it's in the quarterfinals now so every match is amazingly tough. So, you know, just try to win each one of them and see how it goes.

Q. When you say you have to get used to grass, what does that mean? Movement? Shot selection has to be different?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: The rallies obviously are shorter here. For me, I'm tall, so getting low of course on the ball is a little challenge in moving around. You're kind of stuck, thinking I can't really move here because it's grass.
No, I think I've made the adjustment pretty well this year.

Q. You're a big hitter. Do you find your ball penetrates more? Do you like serving?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Serve can definitely help you here. You can't rely on the serve, but it's an advantage, for sure.

Q. Your forehand, do you think that's a big shot on grass?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: I mean, of course you have to -- winning those matches, you have to have a great forehand, a great backhand. You can't really just have one shot, that being a serve. You don't win matches doing that.
Yeah, I feel comfortable about my forehand, as well.

Q. Do you think one of the keys of your win was the return of serve? She seemed to be worried, made a lot of double-faults because she was afraid with her second serve. Do you think that was a key?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Yeah, I mean, in my head I knew if she hits a second serve I have to step in there and try to get it as fast as possible on the rise, kind of start the point off like that, aggressively.
I didn't want to play way too many rallies. That wasn't the way to beat her. So I think I did that well, yeah.

Q. Can you talk about your mental maturation since you reached the French Open semifinals last year, whether you feel like you've grown up and are more composed on court?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Every one of those big matches gives you confidence, gives you more experience for the next match. It's tough playing a girl like this who's 25, 26, who has those extra eight years on you of experience in matches.
So I'm trying to take every one of them and use them for next round. I definitely think I'm able to handle situations a little better now than I did last year or two years ago.

Q. Who were your role models when you were growing up? Do you remember watching Wimbledon as a kid?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Not really. I never really grew up watching tennis on TV as much. My role model was probably Steffi Graf. I was born in Germany, so she was a huge role model there. I loved the way she played.

Q. Were you able to meet her?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: No. Unfortunately, I never met her.

Q. Can you talk about Ivanovic or Petrova?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Well, I don't know who won. I've played Ana a couple times. I played Nadia a couple times. I never played them on this surface. It will be different. Both are similar. Big-serving girls. Both of them hard shots. A little different than today. Yeah, I'll try to match that up, get ready to the ball coming fast, we'll see.

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