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July 1, 2007

Angela Park


RHONDA GLENN: Ladies and gentlemen, the top-3 finishers will be brought to the media room. Morgan Pressel left without giving any interviews. She was a little upset.
We have Angela Park, who tied for runner up with a round of 70 today. She finished at 3-under par, 281.
Angela, coming into today's round, how many holes did you have to play this morning?
RHONDA GLENN: So you've played 26 holes in the course of the day?
RHONDA GLENN: What did you have in mind as far as your goals for the day? Of course you want to win, but how did you plan to do that?
ANGELA PARK: I think winning was in the back of my mind. I wasn't really concentrating on that at all, really. I wasn't like I'm going to win this tournament, I'm going to go out there -- I never thought about it that way. I take it one step at a time.
After today's morning round I was 2-under, I finished 2-under and I think Cristie was at 4-under. I told myself there's a lot of holes left, be patient and you'll never know what will happen.
RHONDA GLENN: That's quite mature thinking for one quite so young. Where did you learn that?
ANGELA PARK: I don't know, just growing up, I guess my coach, Don Brown, he actually told me before the tournament started that it's going to be all about patience, and anything can happen in the matter of one hole.

Q. You played with Cristie first two rounds. There was some interview or something after your round today where you said you just had the feeling that she might win the way she was playing, the way she was putting?
ANGELA PARK: Yes. Obviously, we all know when you come to the U.S. Open you have to hit the ball well, but most importantly you have to be putting extremely well.
She's been doing that the first and second round that I've played with her.
I wanted to win, obviously, but I had this feeling that she was going to win, even though she was a couple of strokes behind me. I wasn't surprised at all that she actually pulled it off.

Q. I noticed you talking to In-Bee Park on the range. Can you tell us about her and what you expect from her in the future?
ANGELA PARK: She's a great player, great personality, very bright and fun to be around with. I don't know, she's No. 1 in Korea right now. I'm looking forward to playing with her. I asked her if she was coming to the States and start playing here more. She said she's going to establish herself as a better player in Korea and in a couple of years come back here. So I'm looking forward to that.
RHONDA GLENN: Angela, congratulations, thanks so much for being with us all week and congratulations on your fine play.
ANGELA PARK: Thank you so much.

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