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June 30, 2007

Angela Park


Q. Minus 5, a 68 in the opening round, a 69 today. Angela, you said your putter was on fire.
ANGELA PARK: Yes, I don't know why or how, but I've been practicing a lot during throughout the season so it's paying off finally.

Q. Now you did not play golf at all yesterday, did you?

Q. How did that affect you?
ANGELA PARK: I actually came out here before my round and I actually got to hit some couple of putts and got to work on my swing a little bit.
So it wasn't that bad. It was a lot about patience and getting ready for today.

Q. Was it actually maybe a good thing in that you were able to rest yesterday?
ANGELA PARK: I think so. When they told us that it was cancelled for the whole day, I thought that it was -- I was taking it as a positive affect on my game because then I know that I could rest up for the next day and get ready for it.

Q. What are you going to try to do over the final 36 holes?
ANGELA PARK: Nothing different. Just be patient out there, as I said over and over. Just try to work on my swing and work on my game and not worry about anything else.

Q. Angel Cabrera won the Men's Open and now we have two top South Americans on the leaderboard here.
ANGELA PARK: His name is Angel without an A so it would be kind of funny to have an Angela win it. So when I watched it I was like, oh, that would be weird. So now that I'm standing in this position and having the opportunity to go for it for a win it's amazing.

Q. Do you think it's going to have some kind of impact on South America?
ANGELA PARK: Definitely. I think even right now a lot of people are starting up golf and watching more golf and ESPN is actually covering this tournament in Brazil, which they never did before, so I mean it's going to bring a lot of people into the game.

Q. When your putter gets going like it has been, what's that feeling like as you walk up to greens?
ANGELA PARK: Just feel so comfortable. Nothing different. Very confident and comfortable. That's it, really.

Q. How about that last putt. That must have been not so easy, 30 feet, you saved par on the last hole?
ANGELA PARK: My caddie told me I spent the least amount of time reading that putt out of all the putts today. And I didn't know that, I just looked at it and I said, okay, it's going to go left-to-right and then right straight to the hole. And I hit it and it went in, so keep it simple.

Q. Do you read the putts or your caddie?
ANGELA PARK: I usually read most of them, but if I have a question or I'm in doubt I'll ask him.

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