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June 29, 2007

Patty Schnyder


Q. You must be thrilled. Is this the furthest you've come in Wimbledon?
PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, exactly. No, I'm very happy and surprised at the same time. Yeah, I just kept going and trying my best, and yeah, this year it really worked out nicely.

Q. What is it about 8-6? Wasn't that the last --
PATTY SCHNYDER: It's a nice score, I like it (smiling). If you cannot make it in two and earlier, you have to go with extra time, I think. It's just, yeah, we had so many close games, so many good rallies in that third set, and it was just -- I think I was a better server at the end, definitely, and yeah, it was just very tight, and also a bit lucky, of course.

Q. We're fascinated by your personal story, as well, and I understand you're bringing your autobiography out on the internet or something?
PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, it's going to be a book. We're writing it.

Q. Could you give us a few pointers to --
PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, the story, yeah. It's our story, especially most of the part is also going to be with my husband together, some ups and downs we had, some tough times. But also then the funny side of the tour. I mean, 12 years traveling, you see many people, many funny stories, things happen. Yeah, it just like takes you through all the -- yeah, all the faces of tennis.

Q. What have the toughest times been?
PATTY SCHNYDER: You're going to read. You have to read it.

Q. But can you just talk in general terms without -- I mean, it'll --
PATTY SCHNYDER: No, because it's really a big thing that no one knows of, and it's really -- if I start, I have to keep going, and it's really not possible. It was tough times, yeah.

Q. A big thing about you that nobody knows about?
PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, both of us. We have been involved in some things that haven't been nice and pretty scary.

Q. Scary things?
PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, very scary.

Q. Like with stalkers?

Q. We know the story that he was a private detective or something?
PATTY SCHNYDER: That's nothing compared to the other stuff. That's nothing compared to the other things.

Q. When is all this going to come out?
PATTY SCHNYDER: In English it's going to take a while, but first in German and then in English.

Q. How soon in German?
PATTY SCHNYDER: It depends. We are a bit behind.

Q. Not during Wimbledon?
PATTY SCHNYDER: No, no (laughing). Maybe the English one.

Q. What, during Wimbledon?
PATTY SCHNYDER: Maybe next year during Wimbledon.

Q. If you want any help with it, we can -- (laughter)
PATTY SCHNYDER: Maybe we can talk about it after you read it and then we can make a nice story.

Q. Can you just tell me something about what your husband's presence does for you? He seems to be a very free spirit. Is he an inspiration to you?
PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah. We've known each other so well, and we stick together in all those situations. It's the same in tennis. He's really a very smart guy and has an eye for the game, which helps me a lot. Yeah, it's just great to be with him and talk about tennis with him, talk other things with him. Yeah, just having him around, it feels me so much better.

Q. Does he help you to enjoy it? Because he seems to have quite a relaxed kind of --
PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, he knows exactly when probably I should relax more and have more fun, and he knows exactly when I should go for an extra workout. Yeah, he's kind of keeps me on track, but also, yeah, keeps my mind off tennis.

Q. Just to clarify, you said it's all on the internet, this part, but your coach made you drink three liters of orange juice or something every day, and was your former coach stalking you and your current husband came in as a private detective to keep him away? Is that the story? What is the story?
PATTY SCHNYDER: That was -- yeah, sort of. But that's not the story you're going to read about. You're going to read about it, but it's not a big deal.

Q. But did you feel you needed a private detective or was it your parents?
PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, it was more my parents. No, it was not myself. I felt I was always in control of everything I did.

Q. The next match with Justine, do you feel more comfortable after having this kind of match? Do you feel more secure in your game now for confronting Justine?
PATTY SCHNYDER: I mean, it's not my favorite surface, still, and I'm struggling with really keeping my performance at the same level throughout the match. But I'm really happy that I have a chance to play Justine and to be in the fourth round. In the past we have some good matches, some tight matches. Yeah, maybe I can play a good match.

Q. Do you think you have a shot?
PATTY SCHNYDER: I just want to play a good match and then we'll see what's happening. She's really the champ out there on the women's tour, winning so many titles this year. Yeah, so she's the big favorite.

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