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June 29, 2007

Angela Park


Q. Never easy to sit on a lead for a very long time. But Angela Park has been sitting on this championship lead which seems like forever. First of all, congratulations on your opening round 3-under par 68. But you got through that first round, what, just a little afternoon lunch time yesterday and you haven't struck a golf shot yet. How frustrating is that to kind of sit around and wait like everybody else is with the lead in the U.S. Open?
ANGELA PARK: It's not frustrating at all. I'm just having a good time relaxing at the locker room. Just waiting for the weather to clear up. But it's not looking very good right now.

Q. And it's a position that you've been in this year, you've shared or had the lead out right on three other occasions this year, you're just 18 years old, you're a rookie on the LPGA Tour so how more comfortable are you getting with the lead? I know this is a Major Championship and a big deal, but how much more comfortable are you getting leading the pack?
ANGELA PARK: Really comfortable, because it's not a first time experience. The first time experience this year was I felt a little nervous, but now I've grown from it and I've taken a lot of confidence from it. So since I've been in this position before I'm very calm and eager to play the next three rounds.

Q. You're still trying to break through for your first win, but what would it be like winning the biggest one of all, do you think that you're ready at the age you are of being a rookie to perhaps put this title away, are you ready for it?
ANGELA PARK: Se Ri Pak did it, so I think I'm ready for it . My game is there, my mentality is there, I've been working very hard throughout the season, so we'll give it a go.

Q. Angela, we should try probably try to get people up to speed with who you are and where you came from. Born in Brazil, but you really consider yourself a Californian.
ANGELA PARK: I'm very used to America and that's the majority of time I spent my life there and I feel very accustomed, I kind of call myself a California girl, but I was born in Brazil, so I kind of have a half/half in me.

Q. Brazilian citizenship, but you've been here since you were 8 years old?
ANGELA PARK: Yes, that's right.

Q. You came to the LPGA Tour, you're now really in a battle to be the Rookie of the Year on the LPGA Tour, but you came to the LPGA Tour via the Duramed Futures Tour. What did that do to get you ready for professional golf?
ANGELA PARK: I think that set a solid rock in my career and it really helped me grow as a player. And as a, and as a person.
Because I was really not immature, I was not mature enough to consider myself ready to be, to play in LPGA events, but last year I had grown a lot and you learned a lot from it.

Q. I think that the developmental Tour is a great way to earn your playing privileges on the LPGA Tour. That year long experience probably is better than a Q-School.
ANGELA PARK: Definitely. I would say so, yes.

Q. Very multi-culturally, actually speak three different languages, Portuguese, Korean, and English, right?

Q. And your mom actually still lives back in Brazil where she owns a business and operates it. But I understand she's out here this week, correct?

Q. How nice is it to have her around?
ANGELA PARK: It's really nice, she treats me like a little princess.

Q. Like the little princess you are.
ANGELA PARK: Well, I have three older brothers so I was always spoiled as a child.

Q. Well, congratulations on what has happened so far. And I hope you get out there and hit a golf shot in the near future.
ANGELA PARK: I hope so too.

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