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November 20, 2005

Stephen Dodd

Bradley Dredge


RODDY WILLIAMS: Stephen, Bradley, bet you're glad you're not out there now, but Wales, World Cup Champion, Bradley, how does that sound to you?

BRADLEY DREDGE: Sounds marvelous to me. Wales haven't won it since 1987, so for Stephen and I to repeat what and Ian Woosnam did and David Llewellyn did, is obviously huge for us and gore golf in Wales. It's fantastic.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Stephen, your reaction, as well?

STEPHEN DODD: Pretty much what Bradley said. It's a great achievement for us.

RODDY WILLIAMS: You obviously wanted to play 72 holes out there, but how did you feel when the announcement was made that we couldn't play at all?

STEPHEN DODD: It would have been nice to play 72, but at the end of the day, a win is a win whether it's 54 or not. It would have been nice to play 72 holes, but it's just not possible with the weather the way it is.

BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah, would rather come out on a nice sunny day and finish it off in style, but as Stephen said, a win is a win and we played some really good golf for three days. We were ready to go out there again and put a good score together and try and finish off. Unfortunately the weather didn't allow us to do that, so we'll take it.

Q. Did you have any inkling yesterday that the weather might be as bad today as it is?

BRADLEY DREDGE: We heard that the forecast wasn't good all weekend, but yesterday there was a little bit of cloud and we had a little bit of rain now and then. But we didn't know it was going to be anything like that. (Looking up as thunder sounds overhead). It was fortunate that we managed to have a good finish at the end of the day and keep ourselves ahead.

Q. You jokingly remarked the other day about the Porsche, will you be treating yourself to anything like that?

STEPHEN DODD: No. I just bought a car about six or seven weeks ago, anyway.

RODDY WILLIAMS: What car was that?


BRADLEY DREDGE: Can't afford it. (Laughter).

Q. What will you be spending your money on?

BRADLEY DREDGE: I really don't know. I mean, I'm sure I'll have a conversation with my wife, and I'm sure she's thought of something now we can spend the money on anyway.

Q. Is this the biggest win of your career, either of you?



Q. The fact that it's for Wales does that mean anything extra?

STEPHEN DODD: It's nice to do. We just don't play team golf, or I don't, anyway. First time I've done it. So it's nice to have a good partner that you can rely on and know he's playing well.

BRADLEY DREDGE: I think it's a bit more special, especially that Wales just lost the rugby again the other day.

Q. Can you reflect on where you were a year ago, obviously this week coming up where you won?

STEPHEN DODD: Yeah, I won a year ago now. Things have definitely changed in the last year; the reasons why, I'm not so sure, but I must be doing something slightly different otherwise the results wouldn't have turned around.

Q. Are you going back home?

STEPHEN DODD: Yeah, I go back tomorrow night.

Q. You said how important the finish was yesterday, in spite all of that, the way that Stephen held in there after 17 and 18, can you talk about how important that was?

BRADLEY DREDGE: The game plan we had was to obviously try and have both of us be on the green, give ourselves chances all the time, and on 17, we were both in the middle of the fairway. Stephen is on a slight upslope, I'm on a slight downslope, so my shot was relatively straightforward, really, and I just didn't quite hit it as I wanted to. So I hit it in the water, and Stephen steps up and hits a great shot in the middle of the green. I thought that was a huge shot yesterday, and a good 2 putt from there to make four.

Last hole was very similar, I put my tee shot just on the slide of the slope trying to get it to the middle of the green and give Stephen a chance to go for the flag. Unfortunately then I hit it in the water so Stephen had to play middle of the green. He hit two great shots and that was some pressure, because obviously I was at the hole, I was at best going to make 5 on 17 and really 5 on the last. It's nice to be able to rely on your partner, step up there and make two good swings that both landed in the middle of the green.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Bradley, Stephen, World Cup Champions, congratulations.

End of FastScripts.

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