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June 29, 2007

Morgan Pressel


MORGAN PRESSEL: If anyone told me six years ago next time you come back you would have won the Major whatever it was. I wouldn't have thought it was out of the question. But it would have been pretty cool. It's awesome to be here and back with a good chance to win.

Q. Could have been two Major titles, with what happened at Cherry Hills a couple of years ago. I know that's in your rearview mirror, from time to time do you ever think about that and say, "Wow, I could have already had an Open title"?
MORGAN PRESSEL: You never know what could have happened there at the end. I know what did happen and it didn't really work out in my favor, but that's golf. So hopefully I can get another win here soon.

Q. For those who don't know, Morgan has had kind of a heart breaking happening after winning at the Kraft Nabisco this year. The set of golf clubs that made her the victor were stolen, they never made it back to Florida. Even though companies are very good at replicating clubs today, you have to miss that set of clubs.
MORGAN PRESSEL: Definitely. Like you said, they were terrific in getting me a set right away that were to the specifications of my old set. I had a little bit of difficulty finding a driver, it took me a good two months almost, a month and a half to find a driver that I really could hit as well as the FT-3 that I lost. So I finally have that.
Just little things like -- little things that were in my bag that I missed, like this one little key chain that I can't find anywhere. Little things you're used to seeing in your golf bag. It's okay. I try to forget about it.

Q. One big sign of your maturity, I think, at a very young age, was no whining about the clubs that you lost. I think every golfer would know how you would miss a set of clubs like that.
MORGAN PRESSEL: Right away I was a little upset. You wouldn't have wanted to see me in the airport. But after that I just kind of -- I had to look at it like I change clubs all the time. Callaway is always coming out with the best equipment.
And so from that standpoint it's just a forced change, where you have to put this in play right now. You don't have much time to transition into it. But it took me a little bit of time, but I actually was probably a little too optimistic in how easy the transition would be from the start. But it's been okay.

Q. Morgan, talk about your position in this championship. It's a very steady opening round, even par, 71, you're three off the pace. Are you feeling pretty good about your week so far?
MORGAN PRESSEL: It's funny to listen to you talk about my round yesterday, because I can't remember it, it was so long ago. It seems like I've just been around forever and hoping we might hit our first tee shot today. It doesn't look too promising.
It's going to be a marathon weekend. I played good yesterday. I played steady. I hit 15 greens, I never got myself in a lot of trouble, and made a couple of good birdie putts. There aren't a lot of opportunities to get aggressive on this golf course, just when they put pins tucked close to runoff areas. You have to take birdies when you can get them.

Q. This would be quite a story to win on a golf course that you played at 13, six years later. That's down the road. We'll see what happens, but you're off to a good start. Thanks for joining us.

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