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June 29, 2007

Angela Stanford


Q. Quite a steady round you had. Describe how it went for you out there.
ANGELA STANFORD: You know, it's really hard to say. You kind of get lost in the round because you're focused so hard on each shot and so I mean it seemed fairly consistent. I, my last five holes were getting kind of tough, just with showing up early this morning. And I think any time you have to play more than 18 holes on a U.S. Open golf course you're in for a long day. So I think I kind of started to unravel a little bit. So it felt pretty steady the whole time, up until the last five or six holes.

Q. How many holes did you play today?
ANGELA STANFORD: We played 22. So not bad. I mean some people had it worse.

Q. Some people have to stop right about now and then pick it up again. So not only are you happy with your score, probably happy with your luck of the draw in terms of weather.
ANGELA STANFORD: Yes. You know, it all evens out. But I'm very happy that I get to go home right now. We had a really quick turn around last night.
I think the alarm went off at 4:45, so it's time to go home and I think we can sleep in and get a lot of rest leading up to tomorrow.

Q. Seems like it was only yesterday but it was 2003 that you were in a three-way playoff. And a couple years have gone by, but have you thought about that much and how you get back to there?
ANGELA STANFORD: Oh, yeah. I think about it all the time. I mean, you know, seeing Hilary here when we play the U.S. Open again and, I mean, you always think about it. It was something very special and a lot of fun to be a part of. And I do crave it. I do want to get back there. Not necessarily a playoff, but I do want to get back to contending.

Q. So in your vision, that was all a good thing, you don't look at it as if it got away from you or overly disappointing, it was a good thing to have participated in and you just would like to try it again.
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, a lot of great players have a lot of second places in U.S. Opens. So of course you want to win, but I know everything happens for a reason, and Hilary was supposed to win.
And I gave it everything I had up until the last putt and, I mean, and I didn't actually, I joke about it with people, I didn't even know that I lost for like four or five months, because it felt like I had won. So it was a great experience.

Q. Birdie on 17, very few of those today. Talk about that.
ANGELA STANFORD: I decided when we played -- well we played it this morning to finish round one. And I decided the second time around my line off the tee was going to be more over the bunker. So that gave us a little less going in. I had like a 7-iron going in. We were just trying to get to the middle of that green.
And the good and bad about U.S. Opens is that the greens are really fast. The good part is that you're probably going to make some 20 footers, because the greens are so pure and they're so good you're going to make some 20 footers.
So it was just one of those occasions that I just put a good roll on it and had a pretty good idea of what it was going to do.

Q. At 17 what's the lesser of the two evils, driving it into the bunker or driving it into the rough?
ANGELA STANFORD: You know, probably the rough. You probably want to be in the rough if you're going to miss it. Just because you might get lucky and get a lie. The bunker, I think the closer you get to that lip you're so far out that it's going to be hard to kind of get it over that lip. So you might maybe get a good lie in the rough.

Q. What time did you get home last night?
ANGELA STANFORD: After we had dinner, 10:15, 10:20.

Q. Was it hard to wind down?
ANGELA STANFORD: No. I was actually really tired once I got into bed and actually went to sleep really quick. But I mean that was midnight. So you know, it's just -- so I really was tired, but I, that's just not enough rest.

Q. You've had the experience of competing for a U.S. Open Championship before, what help does that give you going into the weekend?
ANGELA STANFORD: I think quite a bit. It helped me on my first hole this week. I think I had eight feet for par on my very first hole and I thought, you know, I've been here, I've done this, you have to grind, you have to, you just got to give it your best shot.
So I know it's going to be a long weekend, I know what to expect and I know par is going to be very good. So I'm going to be as patient as I can be and just grind. That's what it is.

Q. Like to have a short memory on the bad shots or the bogeys, don't you?

Q. And sometimes that just comes from experience.
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, and that's, you know, I don't think I played No. 9 right, my last hole today. But I mean, you know, I haven't had a big number yet. And that's the thing going into Opens, you have to keep the big numbers to bogeys. And I think I've done that so far. And I made some birdies and I believe I can make birdies here. So I think we're going in the right direction.

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