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June 28, 2007

Tommy Haas


Q. Some of the people at IPI, who knows whether you'd even be playing here at Wimbledon this year. I wonder if you could chat with us a little bit about what they've been able to do with the injury you've had.
TOMMY HAAS: Well, you know, it's always kind of like, you know, heartbreak when you have an injury again, especially when it's the shoulder. It kind of scares you a little bit more maybe another injury that you didn't have before. It happened to be in Rome and I went back to Florida to try to see my physio there to see if he could get it back in shape.
It took me four or five weeks to realize it's not going anywhere, so I came over to Germany to see my other physio, Klaus Eder, who has really helped me to get this little aggravation pain kind of thing in my shoulder to go away, and gave me the chance to play here. So just practiced a couple days before Wimbledon and here I am.

Q. How was he able to do something else that someone else could not?
TOMMY HAAS: You'll have to ask him. He's a great physio. He's been doing it for many, many years and a lot of people come see him.

Q. Tursunov next round, what's that going to be like?
TOMMY HAAS: You know, he's quite dangerous, very powerful. You never know what to expect. Unbelievable forehand winner, backhand winner, good serve or something or a couple of unforced errors.
I'm going to have to try to play really steady and keep a cool head out there and try and use my chances.

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