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June 28, 2007

Tatiana Golovin


Q. Were you tired from your previous days? Was that a factor?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: I'm not going to find excuses, but I think I was a little bit tired from yesterday's match, having played two hours and then really early start for us today, and we actually had to warm up at 10:00.
It wasn't really an ideal situation for me, but like I said, it's the tournament and you deal with what comes. I got through yesterday and obviously today was a little bit tougher for me.
I was making a few too many mistakes, I think. But she was definitely solid, and I wasn't expecting to play any better than I did.

Q. Is it strange that one minute you're in doubles and singles, and within 24 hours later, both are gone?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: You know, it's part of tennis, and I think we're used to that. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Like I said, this was just kind of a tournament for me to get back and feel how my ankle was going to hold up.
I think I did well, so like I said, I'm looking forward to Fed Cup. That's why we're lucky with tennis, we're able to play every week.

Q. What's your reaction to the newspapers today about the coverage from your clothing from yesterday?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: I haven't seen anything. I can't comment on that because I haven't seen any of the pictures and I haven't seen any of the comments.

Q. Have you heard any of it?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: I have, I have. I'm not going to try to pay attention to that. I had a match to play. Maybe I'll go look it up right now.

Q. Do you think it's strange when papers when Wimbledon comes around start focusing on a good-looking girl to watch their dressing and stuff like that? Do you find that strange or bizarre?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: I don't know.

Q. Do you think they should focus more on the tennis and that side of things?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: You know, I think I've already proved my tennis. I've won my first tournament and I've been top 20 for a while. So I think I have already proved myself in tennis. Obviously I want to do a lot better. But if they focus on our clothes, I think it's fun, too, because it is me and it's part of my personality, so it comes in a whole package.

Q. Do you like shopping?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: Of course (laughing).

Q. Do you get the chance to shop a lot?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: I'm from Paris (laughter). Of course. You know, we go to some of the best cities in the world, so definitely shopping is -- we're lucky with shopping.

Q. You don't find the attention about your clothing distracting?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: I don't think so. I think I'm able to focus when I get on the court. I don't think about that at all. You know, I love being out there and competing. I wouldn't change anything in the world.

Q. What are your thoughts on the all-white as far as the general outfit at Wimbledon? Do you like the rule, or would you like to see it changed?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: No, I love it. I think it should totally stay. It's part of Wimbledon, part of the tradition. We're all excited when you come from the clay courts and you get all dirty and then you have to come and play on the grass and wear all white. So I think it's definitely a good custom.

Q. Are you someone to likes to push the rules generally?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: A little bit (laughter), with everything in life probably.

Q. With the equal pay now, women are treated, have got parity all over, or do you still think there's a disparity in the focus?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: I think we've come a long way from where we were. I think with Wimbledon giving the equal prize money and starting at the French, I think we've really come a long way.
Like I said, there's always a lot of improvements to be made in that part, but I think we're really on the right track.

Q. Are the red knickers staying for the next time you play?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: The knickers? Maybe another color, I don't know (laughter). You know, we're going to go play in the States, might be maybe another color.

Q. Speaking of the States, what do you think of the US Open Series? Do you think that's having any impact in tennis?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: I think it's great because people can be really involved and follow us throughout the summer, not just one or two tournaments. It's great for us, great preparation.
I'm really looking forward to it personally because the hard court is one of my best surfaces. Definitely when I want to go out there and play well.

Q. Fans and players talk about it?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: Yeah, and like I said, U.S. TV really talks about it so you can get a lot of coverage, and like I said, the fans can really get to know us and really follow us all throughout the summer.

Q. After the red knickers here you said you had a surprise in store. Have you got something crazy planned?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: You'll see. Of course I've got something crazy planned.

Q. Just to check, did you have any official contact with Wimbledon officials about the fact that you were wearing red?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: No, because like I said, I'm totally within the dress code. I might be pushing it but I'm still within the rules.

Q. So they haven't had a knock on your door?

Q. Are you already coming up with a plan for your outfit for next year?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: I'm still kind of trying to get over my match today, so we'll think about that later. But definitely I always have a little surprise.

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