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June 22, 2000

Chris DiMarco


LEE PATTERSON: Very nice start to the week. Maybe just a couple of thoughts about your round; then we will entertain questions.

CHRIS DiMARCO: Yeah, had a nice two weeks off. I think that helped. It is nice to come out refreshed and forget all the bad shots that we have hit over the last few weeks; come out with a new fresh start. It was perfect out there. It wasn't too hot. The wind wasn't blowing, the greens were very receptive and they weren't -- they were perfect speed. They weren't overly fast where -- so you could be aggressive. I started on 10. I parred 10, 11, 12. I hit it right down the middle on 13. Get up there, I am in a divot. Normally it is hard not to -- just told my caddie, I said, well, it is perfect cut shot in there. I hit in there about six feet, made the putt. Drove it just in the rough on 15, chipped it, hit a good shot, little wedge in there about two feet, made birdie. I hit good drive. I hit another drive around the front of the green, 2-putted. Left my first putt about twelve feet short; made a good 12-footer. I made a great up-and-down. Right bunker, it plugged up against the lip. I had to go over another bunker; hit it in there about four feet; made a good par-putt. That kind of kept the round going. Bogeyed one. Right rough and didn't get up-and-down. 3, I hit it -- laid up, sand wedge in there about twelve feet; made the putt. Bogeyed the next hole, right of the green which is where you don't want to be. Next hole, 6-footer for birdie. Next hole, driver, 9-iron, twelve feet; made that for birdie. Miss about a six-footer. Next hole, pretty easy putt pushed it a little bit. 9, hit driver, 9-iron about 12, 15 feet short, made a good 12, 15-footer.

Q. Expect anymore low scores out there?

CHRIS DiMARCO: Yeah, it is very receptive out there. If you miss the fairways, it is tough because the Bermuda is -- you can get some squirly shots. It is hard to -- I think this is perfect height for rough because it is just annoying enough to where you can still get it to the greens and then you are going to catch fliers and -- I think the defense of this course is around the greens, you start missing the greens; then you are in trouble on this course. They are very big and very receptive so if you hit the green it is hard to miss it because it is going to stop just about where it lands.

Q. Would you like to see this course have some more defense out there?

CHRIS DiMARCO: It is a good golf course. The scores are always low here. I never understand it. I know last year I shot 76, 67 and missed the cut. They always play good here. I think it is because the greens are soft. It is so hot here it is hard to get them hard. So if the greens were just a little harder, I think it would play a lot harder.

Q. Roberts said yesterday he thought if they put Champions Bermuda on it, might really change the dynamics....

CHRIS DiMARCO: Instead of the zoysia in the fairways?

Q. On the greens, the Champions Bermuda?

CHRIS DiMARCO: Yeah, that might make it a little harder. When you start being able to let us hit the ball 160 yards, it is going to stop 160 yards, it is a lot easier to play. There is no indecision out there. We know that the ball is going to land. It makes it a lot easier than trying to land it 12 feet or 15 short and having it release back to the hole.

Q. Did it start to warm up a little bit?

CHRIS DiMARCO: Starting to get hot out there. Wind is not blowing hard. If the wind doesn't blow out here, it is pretty easy golf course as far as that because the fairways are wide enough. You are going to get perfect lies in the fairways with the zoysia. Then, like I say, the greens are real receptive.

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