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June 28, 2007

Feliciano Lopez


THE MODERATOR: Feliciano López.

Q. How much credit does Al get not just for this victory but the way you've played all year?
FELICIANO LÓPEZ: Well, of course, if you see the results from this year, they were not very good, no? If I for sure have played same level as I played during this year I will have won many more matches, no?
But right now I have to be happy because I beat Henman on grass in the Centre Court, and I'm once again in the third round in Wimbledon. I just want to focus now on the next match. I don't want to think about, you know, all the results from this year.

Q. What has Costa done for you this year?
FELICIANO LÓPEZ: I don't know. What you mean?

Q. Has he changed your game? Has he made you a better player?
FELICIANO LÓPEZ: Well, you never know. Last year was terrible for me. I lost so much matches. I lost my confidence. Now I'm trying to be a better player and to improve my game. This is what I'm trying to do right now.

Q. How does it feel to knock out Tim Henman from Wimbledon? He's such a hero here. Do you feel almost bad for the fans or not?
FELICIANO LÓPEZ: Well, of course, no, I feel sorry for them because they love Tim and they support him a lot. But when you go out there you want to win, no? Of course is very disappointing for him to lose in Wimbledon, even more with 15,000 people supporting you, must be very disappointed.

Q. What happened to you in the fifth set? You were falling apart in the third and fourth sets, couldn't keep the ball in the court. What happened?
FELICIANO LÓPEZ: Well, I was two sets to love, up a break in the third. I had the match under control at this time. After he made a break, everything was different. I lost all my confidence.
I could not win my serve, not one time. I lost two consecutive times, I think twice my serve, on the third set and the fourth. I really didn't know what was happening at this time there.
Fortunately after the break in the fifth set, I came back on the court and I was more focused. I was lucky to make him a break very early in the fifth. Then I could finally find a way to win.

Q. The very fortunate backhand return lob winner on the baseline, how much string and how much frame?
FELICIANO LÓPEZ: Of course I was so lucky, no? I still have a break there. That ball was for the second break in the fifth. But, of course, 5-1 is not the same as 4-2 because it's only one break and you never know what's going to happen afterwards.
I was asking to my coach, no, and to my manager, Carlos, if the ball was in before the challenge. They told me it was in. I was almost hundred percent sure that the ball was in. After the challenge, I was, okay, the match was not over, but almost. Two breaks is a lot of advantage, I think.

Q. Luckiest shot you've ever hit?

Q. 13,000 people who want you to lose. You lose the fourth set. Was it feeling pretty lonely out there on that court?
FELICIANO LÓPEZ: Well, of course the people were supporting him a lot. But, as I said yesterday, the people here, the public, they respect all the players a lot. Even if you play against Tim Henman, they give all the support to him, but at the same time they respect you.
Of course, not the same to play Henman on Centre Court than to play any other guy on Court 14. You feel more pressure, you feel nervous sometimes on the critical moments of the match. But they respect a lot the players I think. They were very nice with me also.

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