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June 28, 2007

Amelie Mauresmo


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Amélie.

Q. How did you feel as the defending champion playing on No. 2 court?
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: I was sure you were going to ask me that (laughter).
Well, I started last year The Championships on this court. I mean, of course you always want to play on the big courts, on the bigger courts, centre and No. 1 court. But I'm fine playing on Court No. 2. Yeah, didn't bother me, whatever, today.

Q. What happened in the first game?

Q. Why?
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: No, I started pretty poorly on the serve. Not only in the first game, I thought, but for the first two or three games on my serve, I didn't think I was serving that well, making a few double-faults here and there. I had to focus back a little bit more at the end of the first set and the second set to make sure I wasn't in danger any more on my serve.
But, yeah, not the best service day today.

Q. You were trying to serve and volley quite a lot today, weren't you?
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: Yeah, as I always do on grass. I think it's something that is pretty effective normally for me on that surface. I think that's how I win last year, so I'm not going to change anything.
You know, most of the time I serve and volley, but sometimes I still stay back after the first serve sometimes.

Q. Reasonably high percentage of success with the tactic?
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: Yeah, I think so. Even though, again, the serve was not working that well, so I could really follow it at the net. But apart from that, yeah, satisfied about today's game and, again, looking forward for the next one.

Q. You don't feel like your level was much higher today than in previous rounds?
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: No. I thought I started my first match very well and today was not so bad. But, again, the serve is leaving -- it's something I definitely need to work on for the next ones.

Q. What is the physical issue that you're having?

Q. You pulled out of the doubles.
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: For a few weeks now I'm struggling with the adductors. After the French Open, I had some problem on the right adductor. After the first match, I felt I was not feeling that well in the adductors. I just don't want to take any risk for the singles.
I thought it's better to pull out of the doubles because yesterday I wasn't feeling so well. I did not play at all yesterday.

Q. Do you feel it on the court?
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: No, it's fine. I can move the way I want to. For now it's fine.

Q. Do you feel a little bit overlooked this year as the defending champion?
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: No, not really. I mean, not really. I'm just, once again, going through my matches just the way I want to, in a very relaxed and positive way.
I'm okay about the way things have been going for now.

Q. Do you prefer to fly under the radar?
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: That's what I've always been. To me, it feels like I've always been doing that here at Wimbledon because the attention is so high at the French Open. The difference is really showing just a couple weeks after. To me, it always feels like it's very easy here.

Q. So keeping a low profile comes naturally to you here?
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: Yeah. I mean, I'm fine with that. I'm okay with that.

Q. So after Paris it feels like you're on an island?
AMÉLIE MAURESMO: Definitely. It's been this way - again - for years for me. It always felt this way. I'm enjoying it.

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