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June 28, 2007

Mike Conley, Jr.


Q. Mike, I was wondering if you and Greg had kind of joked privately that you'd like to have a LeBron James situation --
MIKE CONLEY, JR.: No, we had talked about it and I would love to play with him again and we knew that the day was going to come regardless of the situation. We were just preparing to go on and be without each other and I'm just happy for him and give him all the credit.

Q. Are you happy to be just 250 miles from home?
MI KE CONLEY, JR.: Definitely. I have a lot of family members in the Memphis and Arkansas area. So I'll be close to home either way I go.

Q. Your reaction to a year ago at this time thinking you were going to be in college for two or three years, and now you're the No. 4 pick in the Draft.
MIKE CONLEY, JR.: It's been a whirlwind. I had no idea, or a year ago I would have not thought I'd be in this position at all. I had planned on staying in college as long as I could and trying to get a degree as fast as I could. And the way that last year went and the things that happened, you know, I was just so grateful and blessed to be in this situation.
I'm happy right now that I've worked so hard to get here and I'm happy with where I'm going.

Q. Greg said he planned whatever it took to somehow get a degree from Ohio State; do you plan the same thing?
MIKE CONLEY, JR.: Definitely, definitely. I know I'll get it over time. I'll definitely try to chip away as much as I can and try to get back on campus and enjoy that and get that education, because I know I definitely want to do it. But I know my mom would never let me live if I didn't.

Q. So you played with Greg for a long time; how about playing with --
MIKE CONLEY, JR.: It's going to be different, the big men are different and they have different mind-sets. I'm sure I'll get to know him a lot better and once I do, I think it will be smooth sailing from there just like it was with Greg.

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