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June 28, 2007

Al Thornton


Q. Obviously a pick from a different Florida school. Tell us how you feel about competing on the next level and when you decided that you were an NBA-ready player?
AL THORNTON: I feel very confident about my abilities. I feel I can come in and play right away. I've been in school for four and a half years under a great coaching staff that had experience in the NBA.
I think that I'll be able to contribute right away.

Q. Your cross-state rival Corey Brewer is going to be freezing up in Minnesota. How fortunate do you feel to be in the balmy climes of southern California being a Florida guy?
AL THORNTON: Oh, man, there's going to be no change. I think I'm kind of used to that weather and I think it will be a great fit.

Q. Are you going to tease Corey if you see him in the green room after this?
AL THORNTON: Definitely.

Q. At what point did you think that the Clippers were a really legitimate possibility to take you, or were you looking at other teams? What kind of feedback were you getting?
AL THORNTON: You know what, I really didn't know. I thought I was between the 7 and 12 range, but sometime you never know. You never know with the Draft.
Like I said, I think the Clippers, they are a great fit for me. They have an open offense and they have some veterans and they have some young players and they are an up-tempo team and I think that's a great fit to showcase my skills.

Q. You're going out to the Clippers and arguably they were a team last year that was in the playoffs maybe a player away; are you that player?
AL THORNTON: I think I can be. We'll see.

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