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June 28, 2007

Juli Inkster


Q. There's a 12 year old in the field, that has got to make you shake your head and wonder what's going on here?
JULI INKSTER: I go down in the locker room and it's like having my family there. I have a 17 year old and a 13 year old. I don't know where it's going, but they're getting good fast. And it's fun to see.
I think it's bringing out a lot of different type of fans. We see a lot of young girls and boys out here, following them around. They all dress nice, they're preppy, they're in. And so I think it's good for golf.

Q. Kind of making you more cool?
JULI INKSTER: Well, yeah, I look so cool. Looking at my kids I got a long way to do.

Q. I want you to tell the story as the clock turned past midnight last Saturday night and your birthday came to be, tell me where you were?
JULI INKSTER: Well, I was in the hospital room in Rochester with a friend of mine's daughter, Pat Hurst's daughter, and she was at my surprise birthday party and they were running around and she fell and broke her thumb and Pat had to tee off the next day and I had the weekend off. And I, of course, said I would take her.
So we stayed there and luckily for us there was a surgeon there that liked golf and liked women's golf and saw the name Inkster down there and so he got us in pretty quick.

Q. So she not only helped Pat Hurst, but the Inkster name and the face got a little faster attention?
JULI INKSTER: I don't know about that. But he was cute. I'll say that.

Q. Well, it is a family in women's golf and traveling week to week and everybody helps everybody out.
JULI INKSTER: Yeah, it's hard with kids, you know. It's just, it's, it seems like Laura Diaz' little boy Cooper was in the hospital for four days during the McDonald's tournament and she had to withdraw.
So you just try to be there for support. And traveling with the family and trying to play golf is very hard. And so we try to just help each other out.

Q. Real life goes on.
JULI INKSTER: Yes, it does.

Q. Do you feel at this stage in your career that Major Championships give you the best opportunity to win? It seems that you're playing, you have been on Tour a long, long time and you get pumped up for the Majors and the difficulty of the course might play into your favor as well?
JULI INKSTER: Yeah, I always play well in tougher championships where, you know, not 20 or 18-under wins. Where rounds of 1- or 2-under win. And the U.S. Open seems to bring that out.
So I've been very fortunate having won. I always wanted to win a U.S. Open and I waited a long time to win in 1999. And to be able to win in 2002 also, so just to be able to be in that locker room with just the past champions is kind of cool.

Q. I remember what you said, "Mama's bringing home the trophy and it's a big one. "
JULI INKSTER: Yeah, hopefully I can do that this week.

Q. And I'm sure Hayley and Cori got a chance to touch that and feel the power of that championship. Two time U.S. Open Juli Inkster. Thanks for joining us.
JULI INKSTER: Yes, thank you.

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