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June 28, 2007

Cristie Kerr


Q. A fine round today, even par. Did you start out on the front nine?
CRISTIE KERR: Yes, started on the front nine.

Q. Right off the bat, par, double bogey. Then two birdies in a row. That's kind of an up-and-down start, isn't it?
CRISTIE KERR: Well, not really. I actually hit a pretty good 4-iron into the second hole and kind of pulled it a little bit, just a little bit. And kind of missed the bunker and got in those weeds over there. And I had to chip out sideways. And that green is really difficult. So I ended up making double.
Then just, I've been playing well for the last couple weeks and just kind of got a couple birdies back early and made about a 15 footer on 3 for birdie.
I hit it stiff on 4, and just couldn't -- and 6 -- 5 I almost birdied as well. The putt there, I don't know how that missed.
But a good start for me. And I hung in there. Those last six, seven holes are good holes.

Q. Tell us how the course played today. We have had some rain and now we got the heat. How is it playing?
CRISTIE KERR: I think that in the morning when we started it was actually not as soft as I thought it was going to be, but fairly soft, because there was a little bit of rain.
The course has dried out as we have gone on today. So those last, from 12 on are playing really difficult today. And the wind is kind of kicking up, so even par is a good score today.

Q. As I recall you played in the first Women's Open here in '96 as an amateur, I believe?

Q. And then played again in 2001. How different is it now?
CRISTIE KERR: I haven't been here in six years since they made the changes. And I was trying to tell my caddie, trying to remember, just seems like this course around the greens now is a little bit more severe, a little bit more Donald Ross kind of like action kind of coming in into the green.
So you really got to be aware of what part of the greens are usable and what aren't.
I think that it's playing as difficult if not more difficult than when we were here the last two Opens. I finished low amateur in '96 and fourth the last time we were here, so I love this golf course, I think it's a great test of golf.

Q. Are you pretty happy with even par?
CRISTIE KERR: Yeah, I played well. I left a couple shots out there. I was kind of unlucky where I hit it on 2. Kind of starting out the day. But I was able to recover and hopefully have three more good days.

Q. Have you thought that an Open might be the best Major suited for your game. The way that this course is always set up. It would may be be one that you might have the best chance to win?
CRISTIE KERR: Yeah, I think so. U.S. Open's always been my favorite tournament and it's always the best test of golf every year. The hardest course, the conditions, the pins. The feeling you have inside you going into the weekend. It's pretty exciting tournament to play golf in.
I feel like my game, hitting a lot of longer irons into greens I have an advantage. My putting there too. So I feel like my game is suited to this tournament.

Q. Speaking of putting, did I read somewhere where you played at least last week with a putter you went out and bought?
CRISTIE KERR: I was in Korea the week of the Sybase and I was putting horribly and it just didn't feel like me. So after the second round there I just went into the pro shop in Korea there for the Korean Open there and just went and took out four or five putters and this is the one that felt the best and the one that went on to shoot 3-under with it and played great in South Carolina. And it's a Ping putter. And I went to the Ping representative and said, does it look like it sets up for me right, because it feels pretty good. And, yeah, I'll buy every putter if I putt that well with it.

Q. Have they reimbursed you for the purchase at this point?
CRISTIE KERR: No, I'm happy to donate it.

Q. How did Angela play today?
CRISTIE KERR: She played a great round today. Only hiccup she really had was on 17 was her only bogey. She hit it way right off the tee and couldn't really recover to get to the green. She almost actually made the really, really 40, 50 foot par putt.
So she had a great day. She hit it great. She's a great putter. She's kind of almost running away with Rookie of the Year at this point on the LPGA Tour, so she's a great talent.

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