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June 28, 2007

Angela Park


Q. Angela Park great round today. 3-under par today, leader in the clubhouse. How did you feel about your game overall, you must be thrilled?
ANGELA PARK: Definitely coming out here, especially at the U.S. Open and having a good round the first round gives me a great thrill. Looking forward to the next three days and keep going with the solid rounds.

Q. What was the strongest part of your game today?
ANGELA PARK: Definitely I would say putting, especially and my mind focus out there. I tried really hard to stay in the present and not look too forward. I knew the back nine was a little bit harder than the front and I played extremely well on the front. So I just tried to keep my mindset and grind it out out there.

Q. Well, you said the back nine you knew was difficult but the front nine you started out birdie, birdie, birdie, you must have thought this is my day.
ANGELA PARK: Oh, no. I didn't think that way at all. Because I played so many tournaments where I started birdie, birdie, birdie, and not ended up finishing well.
So I learned from my past experiences and I learned from McDonald's where I was in contention and didn't make it all the way through. But maybe this week will be a little bit different.

Q. The birdie, birdie, birdie start, maybe I'll flip the question around, did you think this isn't supposed to happen at a U.S. Open?
ANGELA PARK: No, no. When that happened I thought, oh, I'm so lucky because. Any one can start, birdie, birdie, birdie and to have it happen to me it was very, I was very grateful for that.

Q. What do you like about this course?
ANGELA PARK: I think it's very fair, it rewards very great shots and I really enjoy how you have to place your shots on the green especially.
You have to be, you have to keep focus out there, whatever hole it is, not just, there isn't a birdie hole and every hole is a challenge, so.

Q. Have you played here before this week?

Q. As a rookie on the Tour, you're already in contention for the biggest championship in the world, do you feel like you're ready for that and your game's mature enough for that?
ANGELA PARK: I think so. This year, when I started off I from now it's been what, four, five months since the first event and on the LPGA and I think I've grown as a player and as a person. I feel much stronger and more confident out here.

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