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June 28, 2007

Brett Quigley


DOUG MILNE: We would like to welcome Brett Quigley to the media center interview room. Congratulations on a great round, 7 under 65. Just a couple of general comments about the round and we'll take a few questions.
BRETT QUIGLEY: It's funny, I played in the Brad Faxon and Billy Andrade CVS Charity Classic before Hartford, and Tuesday before the tournament I rolled my ankle, of their tournament, and then I withdrew. I played the Pro-Am at Hartford and went through and wasn't feeling great and wasn't sure if I would even come here to play, so I think that actually helped me having low expectations, not really sure what to expect and got off to a pretty good start and kind of just kept it going.
DOUG MILNE: The highlight, obviously, the 14th hole, your eagle there, take us through that.
BRETT QUIGLEY: I got a good break. I birdied 12, and 13, and got a good break on 14, hit it just in the left rough, the first cut there, the greens are pretty soft and the ball didn't spin as much. I pitched it in from 50 yards, so that was certainly a nice way to kind of jump start the round and all of a sudden I'm 4-under and right there.

Q. How does the mindset differ on a golf course like this when you tee it up knowing you've got to make birdie. Do you change your approach? Obviously you become more aggressive, but is there more to it than that?
BRETT QUIGLEY: For me it's the opposite, I have to be more patient, because I have a tendency to press -- know that guys are going to shoot 8 under the first round every year here because the greens are that good. And if you hit it in the fairway you are going to make birdies.
For me, I have to be more patient. You feel like you should birdie every hole. I missed about a six-footer on the second hole for birdie, which is 11. And it's funny, instead of getting upset about it, I thought just try to relax a little more and be more patient, then went on a nice little run the next three holes.

Q. When did you make the decision that you were going to play in the Buick after the ankle problem?
BRETT QUIGLEY: I was going to fly out here Monday night and I didn't fly out, and then Tuesday morning. Monday night I decided to try it. I wasn't still sure. I played Monday afternoon in a cart just to see how it felt and didn't play Tuesday, and then played in the Pro-Am yesterday. It's still not 100 percent, but it's pretty good. It's my right ankle. It's better that it's the right because there's not as much load on the right as there is on the left.

Q. How does a 65 feel after an 86 at Oakmont?
BRETT QUIGLEY: 86 at Oakmont, the scary thing is, I hit a lot of good shots and it wasn't -- it's just the hardest course in the world. To me, it doesn't ever matter. It could have been 96, it could have been 76, it doesn't matter at that place, it's so hard tee-to-green, and once you're on the green it's even harder. To be honest, I had no negative effects shooting that round, it's no big deal.

Q. You've been here nine out of 10 years. Is this a place you like coming to or is it scheduling?
BRETT QUIGLEY: I like the golf course. If you hit good shots you're going to score well. The rough is deep. You still have to drive it great here. You have got to hit your tee shots in play, but if you do that, you have an opportunity to shoot a good score. I think that's why a lot of guys come here and they have a great field and you see year after year.

Q. Would you say -- statistically, this is one of the easiest courses on the PGA Tour, in reality is it, as well? Do the numbers not lie in that respect?
BRETT QUIGLEY: You see the scores low every year. I think you get used to seeing that. So it's the mindset that you have to do that. The par 5s it seems guys can make up some ground there. I just like it, if you hit good shots you're rewarded out here. I think it's a good test. They have some great par 3, 8 and 17 are two great holes. You have to hit some good shots there to get it close, and they have great fans on 17.

Q. You had an eventful Masters with the birth of your daughter. I would imagine the season isn't going quite as well as you would like it to go. Has it affected you at all in balancing family life with your playing schedule?
BRETT QUIGLEY: It's definitely affected me. I wouldn't say negatively. Anybody that has had a kid, you know what you go through trying to sleep and get on a schedule and feed and all that stuff, not negatively at all. I'm certainly more, to me, more relaxed, more appreciative on the golf course, and that's a big thing for me. Yes, I haven't had the results this year, but I'm doing a lot of things well right now and expect great things from here on out.
DOUG MILNE: Great round 65, 7 under. Thanks for coming in. Good luck tomorrow

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