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June 27, 2007

Tatiana Golovin


Q. Can I ask you about your knickers?

Q. Are you wearing red?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: Are they? They're supposed to match the dress.

Q. But the dress is white and the knickers are red.
TATIANA GOLOVIN: There's like a little red outline, and they say red is the color that proves that you're strong and you're confident, so I'm happy with my red knickers.

Q. Did you have any sort of grief from the umpires or any of the authorities sort of saying that they didn't fit with the dress code, or were they okay?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: No, I think it's totally in the dress code. You didn't like it?

Q. No, I thought they were lovely.
TATIANA GOLOVIN: Thank you. So let's have compliments then. Such threatening questions right away.

Q. They were lovely and I'd quite like a pair. I was wondering, are you going to keep on wearing them?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: I think so, as long as I keep on winning.

Q. Were you actually asked any questions about it because they're quite strict about all white?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: No, I think I was fine, no problem.

Q. How about the match then (laughter)? Anyway, was it tough?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: Yeah, I'm actually pretty happy about my first match. It's the first one in six weeks. I've only had a week of practice before coming here. Obviously I wasn't expecting to play great tennis or the level of tennis that I played when I stopped, but I did think I did some pretty good things out there.
The most important thing is my ankle held up and it wasn't hurting, and even when I was down 5-3 in the third I still wanted to be out there and I still wanted to fight, and I think that's kind of what made the difference because I just really didn't see myself going home right away.

Q. You were a break down in the final set so you had to dig deep?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: I did, and I was like, I'm playing better and better. I think as the match went on I was getting a rhythm and starting to get a feel again. I just didn't want to leave the tournament today (smiling). I'm happy about that.

Q. Almost going back to the knickers, not quite, do you get a lot of sort of like these marriage proposals and that sort of thing when you're on court?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: Do I? A little bit, kind of. But, you know, I'm not sure how to answer this question.

Q. You don't hear those sort of the things?

Q. That's good fun?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: It is, yeah, it is. I think especially in London, in England here, you guys are really up into that. But it's fun because it just kind of means -- I think it's important we get a young crowd involved with tennis, so if we can get a young crowd out there, they're having fun. We're just trying to entertain, and it is fun for us, too.

Q. The British weather is not exactly --
TATIANA GOLOVIN: Yeah, it was kind of weird today how it rained and stuff. But I'm just happy we got through today and don't have to play again tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get some rest and the weather is going to hold up.

Q. Back to the knickers, do you have any other colors, or is it just red?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: For now, for these two weeks, it's going to be red. Then it's a surprise for after.

Q. Do you just have one pair?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: No (laughter). Are these questions allowed here like this? You talk about youth, look at these youngsters, your questions, tsk, tsk, tsk.

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