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June 24, 2007

J.J. Henry


Q. Happy with the round?
J.J. HENRY: Yeah, unfortunately that 18th hole kicked me in the you-know-what this week. I think I played 4-over par, who knows, I might have won the tournament again.
Obviously to be defending champion, to come back and play so well on Sunday meant a lot and a lot of fans out rooting me on. I really played solid. I got off to a great start, and you know, unfortunately came up a little bit short, but all in all, it was a great week and hope to keep it going and continue for the second half of the year.

Q. When you birdied on 17, what were you thinking?
J.J. HENRY: Well, there are a lot of players still up there but I figured if I could get somewhere close to 11; I was like 6-under through eight holes or something like that. I figured if I could get to 11 for the day and post something, who knows. Hunter is trying to win for the first time out there, and maybe it's a little bit easier or harder on him with me already in the clubhouse.
I unfortunately shot myself in the foot in the second round with the delays and wind and finished real poorly. You know, I'm proud of the way I played, and, you know, it's obviously a great event. It means a lot to me to come out today to shoot 64 is a great way to finish off the week.

Q. How was it being defending champion?
J.J. HENRY: My first go around, but hopefully something like this I get a chance to do again for sure.
Again, to have all you guys out here and to play good on Sunday is a nice feeling. So enjoy the week, enjoy the night now and spend some time with my family and friends before next week.

Q. What were you thinking the front nine --
J.J. HENRY: It sure kind of started out that way, obviously I made some great putts, hit some good shots and really putted well today.
You know, standing around about the 14th tee, 15 obviously you can drive and I did and I made birdie there.
I made a sloppy bogey on 18, not really a bad drive but caught a horrible lie in the rough, probably the worst lie I have seen all week and could not quite muscle it out of there. But that's golf and proud of the way I played; and, defending champion it's great to go out in style. If I can do that every week, I'm sure I'll be all right.

Q. How about the crowds this week?
J.J. HENRY: It's great. Obviously a new sponsor and we've had a great week. I think there's a lot of positives. Hartford is back and bigger and better than it was before. The golf course is in great shape this week.
And you know, that being said, hopefully this tournament still continues to grow and grow and become one of the leading events on the Tour. It's a great event for all of New England, southern New England. It's a great time of the year, it was great for the crowds and we've had these nice crowds here on the weekend.

Q. (About what tournament means to him personally).
J.J. HENRY: Well, this has always been kind of like my fifth major. I've talked about it before about how this is one I'd be out there looking for autographs like the kids are today against the ropes and who obviously watched me coming up the 72nd hole last year knowing I was going to win the tournament. To come back, even to drive through the gates this week for the first time since last year brought back a lot of great memories. You know, again, I'm here this Sunday, and, you know, it's nice to go out and shoot a great round of 64.
This tournament has always been a great tournament. Obviously it's changed sponsors over the last three or four years. But you know, it's always been a great event. It's always been an event that there's a lot of people, there's a lot of enthusiasm here in the area and that being said, hopefully it will continue to grow and grow and be a leading event.

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