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June 23, 2007

Bernhard Langer


KLAUS WAESCHLE: Start off with two birdies, more or less perfect and then something happened on 16.
BERNHARD LANGER: Yeah, I played well; short game was extremely good today. I actually hit a few wayward tee shots on the way to save myself the first few holes and putted very well today. Had it to 6-under after 15.
And then on 16, hit a good tee shot and with a 6-iron laid up and had a sand iron and misjudged the wind. Actually hit a good shot but came three or four yards short and spun back into the water. I actually made a good up-and-down for five.
Hit a great shot on 17 again straight into the wind and made a good par there.
Hooked my tee shot on 18 into the water and made six. So in a way, the two easiest holes which is probably 16 and 18 today, I made bogeys and the rest of the holes I played very well. There you go. That's golf.

Q. When you play as well as you did yesterday, and certainly most of the holes today, would there be a temptation to be staying on the main tour?
BERNHARD LANGER: I really don't know. I've never played a seniors event, a Champions Tour event, so I can't really say too much about it. I have to experience it first to see what I like better and that's what I'm going to do.
I'm going to play probably four or five at the end of the year on the Champions Tour in America to see what it's like, and then I'll make up my mind where I'm going to may next year.

Q. That is a nice luxury to have.
BERNHARD LANGER: It's great to have choices. Already made enough money to have my card for the regular tour in America. So I do have a choice next year where I want to play, and it's always great to have choices.

Q. Were you doubly disappointed because you were 6-under and then gone back to 4-under, or is it just a round of golf and you take the overall view?
BERNHARD LANGER: No, I hate to finish bad. You come off the course and you're mad at yourself instead of being happy that you shot a low round. You worked so hard for three hours and you give it away the last 30 minutes. That's what I don't like. Just hit two wrong shots at the wrong time and paid dearly for it.
But that's the way it is. Especially when you have conditions like these. I mean, on 16 I actually hit a good shot and just misjudged the wind. I tried to make birdie, I had to be aggressive to move forward. If I had a five-shot lead I would have played save but there's no point when you're four or five behind or maybe more.

Q. Is a low round out there today?
BERNHARD LANGER: I think so. I think somebody is going to go -- even though conditions are tough, somebody is going to go low and they are going to be ten shots ahead of me and that's hard to make up in one day.
KLAUS WAESCHLE: Thank you very much.

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