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June 23, 2007

David Toms


DAVID TOMS: I didn't close very well.

Q. Nine top 25s, six top 10s this year. You don't have a lot of up-and-down rounds like today, do you?
DAVID TOMS: I'd like to be more consistent, it's better for your health. I was all over the place early on. I didn't putt well. I 3-putted the first hole. I got the putter working pretty good and then hit a couple of bad shots toward the end of the round that cost me a couple of bogeys. Overall it was a good day.

Q. What about the Cinderella story everybody is talking about with Jay Williamson? You got to see his game up close. Admiration from where he's come from?
DAVID TOMS: Yes, I've known Jay for a long time. He can play, it's just a matter of timing and playing well at the right time. He's playing well this year, and he played really solid golf today. He got off to a good start, and had a lull in the middle of the round and closed really well. I was impressed with how he did and I think he'll have a great day tomorrow.
I got off to a bad start, I 3-putted the first hole. Midway through the round I played really good golf and then gave away a couple at the end with bad shots. That's the type of day it was. If you play good and hit good shots you can make birdies. If you don't hit good shots, the wind takes over and you make bogeys. Overall it was a good round on a tough day.

Q. Talk about the 13-footer on 10, it looks like you got a free read on that.
DAVID TOMS: Yes, I did. Jay gave me a nice read so I knew what it was going to do and I hit a good putt and then birdied 12, 13, back-to-back, and 14. Didn't birdie 15, which was disappointing, and then misclubbed on 16, made bogey, and then hit a bad shot off the tee on 17. I feel I can play this golf course well, and I hopefully I can follow up and shoot a low round tomorrow.

Q. (Inaudible) what does that do for you in terms of adrenaline, confidence, just being in it?
DAVID TOMS: With the conditions the way we've had with the wind, I think that brings everybody closer together and you have to play really well to have a good round. There are a lot of guys that have a chance tomorrow. You might look for somebody to shoot a low round tomorrow and come from behind. Guys at the top play real solid and hold on.
Jay is playing good. I was impressed with the way he held it in there today. He got off to a good start and he gave a couple back, then he played real solid golf the rest of the way and I think he'll have a good day.

Q. A guy with a local connection, he'll have the crowd behind you.
DAVID TOMS: Sure, and rightfully so, he's a good guy and playing well. He's driving the ball in the fairway and hitting good shots. I wish him well because I know where he's coming from and I know it can be tough on you at times, especially when you know you have the ability. Maybe tomorrow it will be his day, if it's not mine.
I just didn't want to give it all back. I wanted a chance tomorrow. I'm disappointed with the way I finished because I played really well on the back side until 16 and 17. I'm right where I need to be with a chance tomorrow, I just have to go out and play well?

Q. Are you working on anything in particular?
DAVID TOMS: No, just trying to win. That's all.

Q. Talk about 16 and 17.
DAVID TOMS: 16, I just misclubbed. I thought it was a good shot. I was trying to keep it under the hole. If you hit it over that green you have no chance to make at par. It came up short. I had a funky lie on my chip shot and didn't a very good chip shot to make bogey.
And 17, I hit a horrible drive. I wasn't committed to the shot and hit it in the water.

Q. (Inaudible).
DAVID TOMS: I was just trying to cut my losses at that point, because after you hit the ball in water there, it would be a bonus to make a par, I was just trying not to make a big number.

Q. After the start you had, you fell back and then you came back, what happened in that transition?
DAVID TOMS: Well, I started to make a couple of putts. Like I said early on, I three-putted the first hole, missed a nice birdie putt at 2 and 3, and had a couple of other opportunities and was able to capitalize on those. Missed a putt on 7 for birdie and 9. So I was hitting decent shots on a tough day, and the first four or five holes on the back side I started making putts.

Q. You showed the patience of a champion. You came back with birdie. And of course you had two late birdies.
DAVID TOMS: That's the type of day it was. You really had to be on, hitting your shots solid to play in this wind today, to hit the right club. I gave back a couple there at the end, which I was disappointed with. 16, I misclubbed. 17, I hit a bad drive. But at the start of the day, if you told me I was still going to be -- with the conditions we had, that I would shoot under par and still have a good chance to win on Sunday, I would take it. Obviously if I would have played well, you can separate yourself a little bit. But the start I got off to, I'll certainly take one under par.

Q. Are you confident about your chances tomorrow?
DAVID TOMS: Yes, I just have to get off to a better start. If it's another breezy day it will be tough, I'll try not to get impatient out there on the golf course and just play it and I need to make a few more putts, that's for sure.

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