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June 22, 2007

Peter Hanson


SCOTT CROCKETT: Peter, thanks for coming in to join us. A great couple of first days at the tournament. You must be very pleased. What's been the secret to the success so far?
PETER HANSON: I've been playing very aggressive. I decided when I came here after the U.S. Open last week that I was going to try to really be aggressive at the pins and try to play well, and I've been driving it good off the tee and that's really the key point. If you hit it in the fairway, the rough is very thick, but if you keep it in the fairway you're going to leave yourself a lot of chances.

Q. In terms of being aggressive, in fact, you've been so consistent over the last couple of months, so your game is in good shape anyway, isn't it?
PETER HANSON: Yeah, it feels pretty good. I missed a few cuts, Italy and Wentworth. Wentworth it felt like I was in good form after the Irish Open finishing Top-10 so that was a bit disappointing.
But then winning the qualifying for the U.S. Open, I played pretty steady last week and maybe didn't get the putter going Saturday, Sunday, but it was all right.

Q. How high is your confidence at the moment?
PETER HANSON: After these two rounds, I have to say, I feel very confident with all parts of my game. I think it's going to be all about both me and Nick trying to save up energy and really concentrate for long days on Saturday and Sunday and being at the top of the leaderboard. It's going to be all about the head I think.

Q. Was there anything in particular you did to get your driving in shape?
PETER HANSON: Not really. I changed driver to a new TaylorMade driver. I've been playing Titleist before, and just been working hard on it. So trying to get my distance back, and accuracy, as well.

Q. I was asking you -- explain exactly what happened. You played your shot and the wind changed, you said, on the 6th hole, that's when you went back?
PETER HANSON: Exactly. I made one bogey today. I hit a good tee shot and I had only a 6-iron to go 163 metres. The wind was off the right and I played my second shot and when that thunderstorm came in, it was into off the left. So just a bit short and straight back into the water and made bogey, which was the only shame of the round. I was really happy when I got back out to make that bogey and then to make two birdies on 8 and 9 to finish off.

Q. Thoughts going into the weekend? You may well be the leader but we don't know yet.
PETER HANSON: The course is playing pretty similar to yesterday so we'll see the came signed of numbers. I think there could be someone maybe getting down to 11 or 12, but it's all about being in position and teeing off in one of those last groups.
Like I said, I'm really happy with my game and all part of the putting has been feeling really good this week. It's nice to be back on normal speed greens after last week.

Q. Does having played in the U.S. Open made you feel coming here is slightly easier?
PETER HANSON: Definitely. When you've been looking at that golf course for seven days; I played three
practise rounds and four rounds, it kind of gets to your head a little bit how difficult it is. So when you get out here playing Tuesday practise rounds, you feel like this is wide open and the greens are really receptive. You can throw the ball the way to the pins and they stop.

Q. A bit of golfer's R&R as such?
PETER HANSON: Yeah, it's funny that way, that your head plays those kind of games with you.
SCOTT CROCKETT: Peter, thanks for that. Good luck on the weekend.

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