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June 22, 2007

David Toms


JOE CHEMYCZ: We welcome David Toms in. David with a 5 under par 65 under some very difficult conditions this afternoon. Maybe talk a little bit about the start and stop and the weather and the wind and the rain, et cetera.
DAVID TOMS: Obviously, the key to my round was getting off to a good start. Those first few holes, if you make a couple of bogeys and get it going the other way, it's can be one of those days where you're just fighting to make the cut. I birdied the first three holes, and it set me up for a good day. 4-under my first nine holes with the wind howling pretty good, it was a great nine holes of golf.
The hole that shot over on No. 2 for eagle, that was mostly a bonus. It was a good shot and it went in. After that I just kind of hung on the rest of the time. We had a stop play over there when we were on the 6th green. And I had a nice little birdie putt. Came back and I wasn't able to make that, and then I drove it in the rough on the first hole after we came back. I was disappointed because that was about as easy as No. 7 was going to play. I had that hole in the back of my mind playing that whole front side, I knew it going to be playing pretty tough. Then when we went out and there was no wind blowing so it was playing easy and I made a bogey, so that was disappointing. Overall it was a good day, tough day for scoring, so I was very happy with it and obviously I'm right in the middle of the tournament, right where I want to be with two rounds left to play.

Q. (Were the greens slow after the rain)?
DAVID TOMS: I guess they were. I left pretty much every putt short for the last few holes, or not necessarily short, but I couldn't hit them hard enough for the line. I missed putts at 6, 7, 8, and 9 and they were all on the low side, not quite hard enough, so I guess they were a little slower.

Q. Was the rough quite damp after you came back after the rain?
DAVID TOMS: The rough on the golf course is fairly tough, if you get in one of the areas where it's thick. There are some other areas on the golf course where it's a little bit thin where they don't have the coverage, but where they do, it's definitely penal. Calcavecchia had to basically wedge out on No. 5, and then I got in it on No. 7 and couldn't reach the green. So it was a factor if you drove it in the rough, for sure.

Q. You've had some good weeks here, and even last week you had some good play. Is there anything in particular that you've worked on?
DAVID TOMS: Well, I think just scoring a little bit better. I had the opportunity today where I felt I could have shot a low round. My putter just wasn't very hot today. I didn't make any putts significantly. I guess I made a couple of 10-footers on the back nine. I had a lot of opportunities that I did capitalize on. As far as not being able to win a tournament this year, my scoring hasn't quite been what it needs to be when I have a chance. Hopefully I will have to improve on that to have a chance this weekend. I will have to get the putter going a little bit better. Continue to hit a lot of good shots like I have the first two days, maybe make a couple and get on a roll, and maybe get a little more confidence with the putter.

Q. (Last week at Oakmont)?
DAVID TOMS: The deal with Oakmont, it was a hard course. I think a couple of times mentally I gave in to the golf course where I had it going and I hit a shot that cost me a bogey and I wasn't able to come back on the next hole. There were numerous times where I made, two, three bogeys in a row. That's the type of course it was, but at the same time I felt I gave in a little bit to the golf course, which is uncharacteristic when I'm playing well, so I will have to do a better job at that.

Q. (Have you played with Jay Williamson)?
DAVID TOMS: It's probably been at least a couple years since I've played with Jay. We played a lot together back in the mid '90s, probably when we were both on the Nike Tour, and when we came back out on the Tour. He's always been a really solid golf striker. I hope he does well this weekend. I respect him a lot. I know it's been tough going back and forth on both tours and I know he's played well earlier this year. He probably has got some confidence right now and I'm sure he's looking forward to capitalizing on his position.

Q. (No microphone).
DAVID TOMS: Sure. I think he's just an example of a guy that maybe just needs a break here or there to get to the next level. And I think physically he's capable of it. I think his golf game is -- you know, he has a good game. Maybe this will be the week where he gets that break, whether he holes a long putt or makes one from the fairway, I hope he does well.

Q. (No microphone).
DAVID TOMS: I think that's just golf. There's a lot that goes into winning tournaments. Bouncing back at the right time after a bad shot or when something unexpected happens during the week. People ask me all the time why have you been able to do it and others haven't. I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's a little more confidence. If I go out and play a great round tomorrow, that's the extra shot of confidence I need to do well on Sunday, and hopefully it will happen. If it doesn't, I feel good about the things I'm doing on my golf swing, the things I'm working on. I feel I'm mentally where I need to be. I just have to go out and perform, and hopefully this will be the week it happens.

Q. Talk a little bit about No. 2.
DAVID TOMS: I had 81 yards and it was down right to left and the pin was back right with a right-to-left slope. With the wind and the slope and everything I knew it was going to be tough to get it close. I went ahead and had an aggressive play back there, try to throw it back to the hole, because I felt I could get some spin on it, seeing I had a lob wedge into the hole. It was a good shot, landed in a perfect position, and obviously hopping in, that was unexpected. I think it would have been in pretty good position, at least a good chance for birdie if it didn't go in.

Q. (No microphone).
DAVID TOMS: Well, first of all, it was a scheduling thing why I haven't been here in a while. I felt like since the U.S. Open was up in this part of the country, and I was over at the CVS tournament right after, I thought this would be a good opportunity to come up here and play. I always felt I could play this golf course well. You don't have to have a lot of length to play here, you just have to be accurate and control your second shots really well. So I planned pretty much since the start of the year that I was going to play here, and so far it has been a good decision.

Q. Can you go through 10, 11, and 12?
DAVID TOMS: 10th hole, I hit a 6-iron to about six feet, pretty good shot, made birdie.
11 was about a 15-foot putt I made there, which was really the only good putt I made today.
12, I hit a lob-wedge in to about four, five feet behind the hole.
16, I hit 8-iron to about eight, 10 feet.
And then I obviously holed the wedge shot on No. 2. Otherwise it was pretty boring.

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