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June 21, 2007

Marc Farry


KLAUS WAESCHLE: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen and welcome for sure Marc Farry, 66 for the first round in the BMW International Open 2007. Are you thinking back on 1996?
MARC FARRY: Well, of course, but today my mind was pretty much on my game because I was injured, I had tendonitis in my elbows for the last two years. I lost my playing rights on this tour, so I have a very high category which has basically allowed me to play under invitation or this tournament because I'm a past winner.
So I don't have too many shots, in other words, to play. So I kind of prepared myself very well for last week because I knew I was playing the SAINT-OMER and this week. And unfortunately last week my putting was extremely bad; I had eight 3-putts in two days. When you put that bad, you can't make any progress and the cut, of course.
I changed putter yesterday, I had a pretty good round in the Pro-Am as well, yesterday. And today, well, I hit a lot of greens. I think I missed one green and I holed a few putts as well. I shot 66; I missed a couple of 3-footers on 10 and 18, 10 was for par and 18 was for birdie. Except for that, I can't complain. I hit the ball pretty close. I think I probably had 26, 27, 28 putts; I don't know, I didn't count. I didn't have the stats card.

Q. Are you in next week in the French Open?
MARC FARRY: No, I'm not. I also had a go -- the French Open, they are trying to -- for some reason, the organisers are trying to have qualifying rounds before the Open. So they gave away 16 spots. I played Chantilly which I know very well because I live nearby. But also I had enormous numbers of putts, so I missed the cut by a few shots.
So, no, I'm not playing. I didn't even ask for an invitation, because last year, I asked for one but it was denied by the tournament, and I was pretty pissed off because they gave it to a few American guys so they could go shopping in Paris. I think it was really rude to not only me, but the French players who represented their country for years and played the French Open for years. I was pretty mad and I didn't ask for an invitation this year, and I would be very pleased if I could keep on the good work here and get a Top-10.

Q. How did the golf course play if you compare it to recent years and also if you compare it to 1996.
MARC FARRY: Well, 1996, we played on a different course. But to answer your questions, yeah, it also had heavy rain, but I think the golf course plays tougher this year. I think the rough is incredibly hard. Personally I was lucky because I've been in the rough only once on the par 4, whatever number on front nine. I had a decent lie so I could hit a 7-iron and just hack it forward and get close to the green.
But if your driving starts to go sideways, you have a big problem because I think they have too much fertiliser on the rough and it's really a tough way -- it's not really high, but it's quite thick, you know, in places.
The greens are holding the ball probably better than the last few years. They may be a bit softer. But they do roll quick, as well. So I think generally speaking, the course is probably playing harder if you don't hit too many fairways, I would say, yeah.

Q. Have you been sensible enough with the money you've earned over the years not to worry about your position at the moment, or are you desperate to get back on Tour and need to?
MARC FARRY: I'm not a millionaire. I like the money like everybody else. I need the money. But, I would say my main concern is I miss the Tour, I must say. It's like a big family and I've been part of it for years.
But I would say my main goal is probably to get ready for the Senior Tour, which is coming up in a little bit over two years because I'll be 48 next month, in two week's time, actually, I think. Mainly I'm trying to prepare myself for this occasion.
You know for the last two years -- well first of all I didn't ask for too many invitations besides the French Open because my tendonitis still hurt me, so I couldn't practise as much as I'm practising the last few weeks.
But when you ask for an invitation, it's a nightmare. I forgot how difficult it is. You never get an answer. You're praying -- you're praying every day to watch your name on the Internet in that category, 4, 5, whatever it is. I understand the situation that the organisers, there are probably a hundred guys asking for invitations, so it's not easy to only give eight away.
It's a different situation. When you're on the Tour, you don't even bother about this. You just pick the tournaments you like or the places you want to go. So for the last two years, I've been really having a bit of a nightmare.
And the Challenge Tour, I played a few events this year on the Challenge Tour. I think I played two or three. But it's difficult because those guys, you know, they are in their low 20s and I'm almost 50, so there's not much conversation going on. When I want to have a couple of beers after my round, they all go and jog and train, you know, which I can understand.
I don't want to play the Challenge Tour -- let's put it this way, I don't want to play too many events on the Challenge Tour because I don't think I belong there. And I don't get invitations because I think my time has passed away which I understand, too. It would be nice if I could still play a little bit before I turn 50 so I could get myself ready for this tour where guys play very well, too.

Q. America or Europe?
MARC FARRY: I think I will stay in Europe because if I had to move to America, I think I would have moved years ago. Now with my family and my kids growing up, I think it's easier to stay in Europe.
But if I'm successful on the European Senior Tour and I can play a few events in America, I think I will be delighted to do so.
KLAUS WAESCHLE: Marc, looking outside, your weather is coming.
MARC FARRY: Well done.
KLAUS WAESCHLE: Thank you very much.

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