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September 6, 1993

Maria Jose Gaidano


Q. Do you feel lucky today, that you got as far as you did?

MARIA JOSE GAIDANO: Yes, I was lucky and the fact I played the games.

Q. Where were you when you found out that you were in the tournament?

MARIA JOSE GAIDANO: In the playing lounge.

Q. Were you ready to play immediately? Was your mind ready?

MARIA JOSE GAIDANO: Physically, I was ready. Mentally, I wasn't really ready because it was last minute call.

Q. What plans did you have for this week?

MARIA JOSE GAIDANO: First, to rest, then I will see what other tournaments I will be playing and if it is Australia or not.

Q. Would you have been here this week?

MARIA JOSE GAIDANO: I would have been in Buenos Aires.

Q. There was confusion; first, you were there and then you were out and then you were in again. Could you explain some of your feelings when that was happening?

MARIA JOSE GAIDANO: At first they said it was sure. At first it was like, sure, Maria Jose is not going to play, but stand by, you might play.

Q. Main players here complain, the ranked players complain about conditions and they don't like this tournament. Are you happy with your week here? Are you glad to have been here?

MARIA JOSE GAIDANO: No, because if you concentrate, nothing will bother you.

Q. What will these points that you win from this tournament -- you know, you will get computer points from advancing this far. How will that change your -- how you are allowed to enter other tournaments; how will it change your life?

MARIA JOSE GAIDANO: It would affect me because I -- it will be easier for me to play other tournaments and I don't have to play qualifying again because qualifying won't get me tired.

Q. Are you aware how much money you have made by playing four rounds in and could you tell us how much that was?

MARIA JOSE GAIDANO: No. I know it is a lot of money, but I don't know how much.

RICHARD FINN: It is about $37,000.

MARIA JOSE GAIDANO: Well, it is just going -- money-wise it is going to be great because money is always needed.

Q. Is this the most that you have ever made in a tournament?


Q. Are you surprised how you did this week?

MARIA JOSE GAIDANO: Yes. I am surprised of all the achievements I have accomplished this week but I could -- but I could have -- it could be better.

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